ARTICLE: TOP PARTY GAMES – Ultimate toolset edition™
Collection/list of the best party games on a single screen on PC

ARTICLE: TOP PARTY GAMES – Ultimate toolset edition™

A useful list for your next party!

I have been reviewing Party Games for 4 players on a single screen on PC for several years. In a not-so-distant past, the Nintendo consoles were a exclusive home to the whole genre, and we had nothing on our solitary systems. Everything changed after Towerfall! This title showed that it was possible to find success on PC; in the years that followed, a few other games attempted to answer the demand, then more and more were released until we got drowned in this niche genre. While some games try to do their own thing, others try to emulate the successful series on Nintendo. I have been following all the new releases, looking for hidden gems and new titles to add to my toolset.
When reviewing games, I sometimes mention whether it is a worthy new entry to my toolset. And today, it is time to share this sacred toolset! This list is a collection of games that my friends and I enjoyed and we sometimes like to play them again. If I bring them to a party, we are guaranteed a fun evening!

Watch the video to see the games in action, or directly jump to the list and find them on the store.

Gameplay video of all the featured games and more

Fighting (Side)

Duck Game (+online)
Samurai Gunn
Stick Fight The Game (+online) (SoQ review)
Brawlhalla (+online) (SoQ review)
Grabity (+online)
Treadnauts (+online)
Dynasty Feud (+online)
Jump Gunners
Dad Beat Dads

Fighting (3D)

3… 2… 1… Grenades!
Nova Nukers (+online)

Fighting (Top)

Wand Wars
Headsnatchers (+online) (SoQ preview)
Havocado (+online)
Knight Squad
Arena Gods
Cutthroat Gunboats

Hide and Seek

Hidden in Plain Sight
The Prison (SoQ preview)

Competitive Cooperation

Aqua Lungers (SoQ review)

Cooperative Crisis Management

Overcooked! 2 (+online)
Diner Bros (SoQ review)
Catastronauts (SoQ review)
Think of the Children (SoQ review)


Pummel Party (+online)
Emergency Water Landing (SoQ review)
Party Panic (+online) (SoQ review)
Marooners (+online)
Alien League (SoQ review)
Wizards Tourney (SoQ review)

Sadistic Obstacle Courses

Bloody Trapland
Ultimate Chicken Horse (+online)
Party Panic (+online) (SoQ review)
Nippon Marathon (SoQ review)
Ben and Ed: Blood Party (+online)
Epic Loon (SoQ review)


Toybox Turbos
Nippon Marathon (SoQ review)
Super Indie Karts
GoatPunks (+online) (SoQ preview)
Speedrunners (+online)
Muddledash (SoQ review)

Impossible Sports

Laser League (+online) (SoQ review)
Rocket League (+online)
Save Your Nuts (+online) (SoQ preview)
Push Me Pull You

1 Versus 1 (Duels)

Nidhogg 2 (+online) (SoQ review)
Dead Drop
One Strike

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