ARTICLE: Digging through Steam (October 2021)
Digging through Steam with Quirky

ARTICLE: Digging through Steam (October 2021)

Steam excavations, October 2021.

October, the month everyone waits for to get to the end, so Halloween can start. Among all the month long preparations, pumpkin carving, costume parties, haunted sites, apple bobbing and trick-or-treating, Steam continues to churn out games. I always wondered is the influx of new horror and other wannabe scary games higher than in other months. Possibly? I’m too stuffed on pumpkin pies and candy to properly research that.

Forgive Me Father

Release date: 26th October, 2021
Steam | GOG | Epic

A fitting name for the start of the overview. An Early Access, comic styled horror FPS in a Lovecraft inspired world. It reminds me a lot of Void Bastards visually. Fight the eldritch horrors and journey through the madness as one of the two characters, a priest or a journalist.

Midnight Protocol

Release date: 13th October, 2021
Steam | GOG

Vibing to Uplink and Hacknet, release your caged inner hacker in this tactical hacking RPG with unique keyboard controls and discover which shadowy government agency has you on the blacklist. Garnetofeden roleplayed a hacker and collected her notes in the review.


Release date: 7th October, 2021

Scratch that itch for some ARPG action with this interesting Early Access mash up of fantasy hack’n’slash and sci-fi. Awaken from your glass sarcophagus, save the people on the brink of extinction and enjoy some good old fashioned dungeon crawling.

Stolen Realm

Release date: 14th October, 2021

If you’ve lost a realm recently, this low poly styled, Early Access tactical turn-based, party RPG with ARPG loot drops may help you find it. Be a lone wolf hero or play in six player online or local co-op adventures.

They Always Run

Release date: 20th October, 2021
Steam | GOG | Epic

A three armed mutant, space western, bounty hunter, stylish animations, gorgeous visuals, 2D platformer…I’m just crossing off my checklist of pluses. There seem to be some minuses in the controls and checkpoints departments, but the devs seem to be on the case and are not letting them run away.


Release date: 22nd October, 2021

A challenging, time cloning puzzler set in Egypt. Follow the trail of your missing father as Aywa, a young adventurer, and explore ancient tombs to unravel the secrets of long lost technologies.

Drox Operative 2

Release date: 20th October, 2021
Steam | GOG

A bizarrely huge, evolving, starship action RPG in a dynamic universe with millions of things to do. It may look like something from the stone age, but having played the first one, I can tell you it’s extremely addictive if you like space games. From the look of it, this seems to be Drox Operative, but amped up to the nth degree.

P.S. For some exceptional nostalgia kicks, Blade of Darkness is out on Steam and GOG. An epic fantasy action adventure with four playable characters.

P.P.S. Yes, there really are no card games this month. No, it doesn’t mean that not a single one came out, it’s just that there were enough other interesting games to pick out.

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