Author: Quirky Custodian


ARTICLE: Digging through Steam (February 2021)

Welcome to the tail’s end of February and another run-by of Steam’s doors and windows to alternate realities. I got worried for a second, looking through SteamDB, that there might not be enough worthy or even half-worthy contenders for a […]


REVIEW: Nebula Within

A life philosophy ruminating, fast-paced, geometric twin stick shooter made by the human, Nick Oueijan. Allow me to maybe put it a bit differently, one man’s escape from the black hole life tends to create for a lot of us […]


PREVIEW: Ender Lilies

An Early Access 2D soulslike/metroidvania with a mouthful of a name commonly seen in JRPG’s, but don’t let that put you off.


ARTICLE: Digging through Steam (January 2021)

First month of 2021, it hasn’t exactly started brighter or better, but at least it’s not 2020 anymore. As SteamDB would attest, when asked over a bottle of whiskey after seeing all the detritus on a daily basis, Steam continues […]


REVIEW: The Surge 2

A great sequel to a good first game, welded with sturdier gameplay materials, but slightly brittle in the story ones with a few rusty industrial pins on the technical side.


REVIEW: Broken Lines

A slightly broken tactical action game with a dose of light RPG mechanics and a sprinkling of management and survival, newly expanded with drunken zombie mayhem.


ARTICLE: Digging through Steam (December 2020)

Among a smorgasboard of asset flips, hentai puzzles, obscene amounts of trashy Danielle Steel visual novels and cheap knock offs of popular games, it might be a slightly tedious task of searching for new Steam games that aren’t of the […]