REVIEW: Emergency Water Landing

REVIEW: Emergency Water Landing

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Steam: Released
Type: Multi-player
Genre: Party Game, 4-Player, Battle
Developer: Burnt Bag Studios
Publisher: Burnt Bag Studios
Release date: 20 Apr, 2019

Keep your seatbelts fastened

Emergency Water Landing tasks up to four local players to rescue the passengers of a plane that has crashed into the water. While this theme reminded me of Think of The Children, it’s actually not a cooperative game: the player with the highest number of passengers saved wins, and it’s perfectly alright to ram into a competing rescue boat in order to catapult its passengers right into the jaws of hungry sharks!

No smoking underwater

The low-poly presentation with flat textures gives a very clean look to the game, but it also fits perfectly with the theme: the graphics are similar to plane safety instructions leaflets! All passengers are leaving the plane through emergency exists, and each player controls a small rescue raft that can transport people from the dangerous crash site to a steamboat patrolling the area.

Follow the lights to exit your body

The controls are fairly simple and quick to grasp: RT to eject passengers (hopefully onto the steamboat), LT to ram into another rescue raft (and cause all passengers to fall into the sea), B to throw debris or luggage at another rescue raft (and catapult its people overboard). Add to this a few sharks who try to take a bite off everything or killer whales which playfully pull you underwater, and you have a recipe for laughter as the resulting chaos that ensues has absolutely nothing to do with a professional rescue.

Your flight has been cancelled

The price of the game is cheap, and it reflects the content or lack thereof: no online mode, no bots, only three maps. There are two game modes, though: free-for-all and 2v2.


Players stealing each other’s victims is hilarious. This is a really fun to game to play with friends. Just bear in mind that it’s certainly too thin to play for long sessions. I recommend getting Emergency Water Landing as an appetizer before a more involving game.

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