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REVIEW: Milanoir

Milanoir is a top down shooter set in Milan, Italy in the 70’s. It has some charming art direction, a good soundtrack, and a unique setting, but it falls terribly short on content and gameplay design choices.


REVIEW: Bear With Me

I could tell this review was gonna be trouble as soon as Red called me up about it: he had that tone in his voice you couldn’t mistake. When the game came in the door it didn’t make things much […]


REVIEW: Daily Chthonicle

We have seen procedurally generated characters, procedurally generated planets, procedurally generated weapons, procedurally generated levels… What is less common is procedurally generated stories.


REVIEW: Calvino Noir

Steam: Released Developer: Calvino Noir Limited Publisher: Calvino Noir Limited Genre: Adventure, Indie, Stealth Release date: 27th August 2015. Welcome to 1930s European criminal underworld.  Calvino Noir is a stealth 2D scrolling noir adventure game where you play as several […]