REVIEW: MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

MW5 is a solid entry for the franchise, bringing the iconic series up to speed with modern times. Solid content amount of the price and enjoyable gameplay make this a hit for fans of the series.

REVIEW: Days Gone

Days Gone delivers a crude, realistic take on the post-apocalyptic genre, with solid story and engaging gameplay. Despite dragging on for too long, thus becoming stale, remains a quality title overall.

REVIEW: Open Country

An overwhelming amount of bugs united with several game design issues, completely obliterate any enjoyment one might have from Open Country, despite it having some good elements as baseline. Hard pass.


Despite cutting-edge visuals and some exciting gameplay mechanics, ultimately Biomutant proves to be a mediocre title due to huge amounts of content bloating, boring story and balance problems.

REVIEW: Retro Machina

Retro Machina captivates with its charming art style and original gameplay mechanics, however it never seems to use its potential to the fullest, ultimately resulting in a pleasant but only average experience.

REVIEW: Resident Evil Village

Likely the best entry in the series since RE4, Village returns to the roots that made this franchise loved, while at the same time modernizing the formula for the current times. Excellent.

REVIEW: It Takes Two

It Takes Two is nothing less than a masterpiece for the co-op genre, that delivers an extraordinary gameplay variety, along with rich visuals and a compelling story.

REVIEW: Homefront The Revolution

The second Homefront chapter tries an open-world approach, only with partial success. Solid gunplay, excellent visuals and engaging combat are the highlights, however everything else proves to be just decent at the best of times.

REVIEW: Life is Strange 2

DONTNOD forged a worthy sequel for the Life is Strange series with this chapter. However, the instrumentation of some actions to promote real-world political views, really drags the game down in some parts, as they appear blatantly unrealistic in



July 2024

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