ARTICLE: Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase Recap

ARTICLE: Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase Recap

Indies coming right to the Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo just had a showcase featuring a bunch of indies set to release on the Nintendo Switch and even some that got a surprise launch after the showcase ended. Here are the games featured:

  • A Short Hike
    Get ready to hike, climb, and soar through the mountain landscapes of Hawk Peak Provincial Park. You’ll be able to go on your own pace as you explore and take in the scenery. You can play this on the Switch now.
  • Bear and Breakfast
    A laid back management sim, players will take the role of a bear named Hank with a goal to transforming an abandoned shack into a successful B&B. Though as his business expands, so will his knowledge of the forest’s mysteries. You’ll be able to manage your business, decorate to your heart’s content, watch customers flood in, and explore when this launches next year.
  • Card Shark
    Get ready to cheat your way through card games in Card Sharks as you make your way to the top of 18th century French society. Just make sure you build up your repertoire of card tricks and don’t make it too obvious you’re cheating. Or else. This will be coming to the Switch next year.
  • Evergate
    A dream-like 2D puzzle platformer set in the afterlife where you play as a child-like spirit named Ki on a journey to uncover her past and her mysterious connection to another soul. To help her out, she can use her soulflame to slow down time and unleash the boosting powe hidden within crystals. This is available on the Switch right now.
  • Garden Story
    As a newly appointed Guardian of the Grove, you’ll be tasked with rebuilding Concord, combating the ever invasive Rot as you travel through the vibrant world, cultivate friendships, gather resources, and rebuilding your home. This will be coming to the Switch next year.
  • Grindstone
    A game of sword-slashing puzzle battles called Grindstone is making it’s way to the Nintendo Switch this Fall.
  • Going Under
    A satirical dungeon crawler where you explore the cursed ruins of failed tech startups that happen to be beneath your company’s campus. Of course, as an unpaid intern, you’ll be tasked with making your way through them using office junk as weapons. You’ll be able to go under August 24.
    You’ll be able to journey through deep dark chaotic places with sparks of color to help Death rid a mysterious presence from her lair through this fast paced procedurally generated platformer this Fall. Try to not lose your head.
  • Hades
    Showing off a whole new animation, Hades is being ported over to the Switch and is planned to be released this fall. Hades is a roguelike dungeon crawler where you play as the immortal Prince of the Underworld trying to escape Hell and Hades with the use of powers and weapons from Olympus. Every death will advance the story, make you stronger, and let you gear up for your next escape attempt. If you happened to play Hades on the PC already, Hades is also offering cross saves.
  • Haven
    An adventure RPG where you play as two characters at the same time (or play with a friend) settling in an unknown world. Survive together, glide over the plains, restore the planet, and fight when you need to. Haven will be arriving on the Switch this year.
  • Hypnospace Outlaw
    Hynospace Outlaw is set in the 90s where players will browse a wide variety of websites where they can hunt down those pesky virtual villains as an Enforcer for the Hypnospace Patrol Department. This port will be releasing on August 27 with pre-orders opening and a demo for those unsure being available now.
  • Inmost
    A cinematic puzzle platformer where you have to escape the depths of an otherworldly labyrinth with three playable characters in one dark, interconnecting story. The labyrinth awaits for your arrival on August 21.
  • Manifold Garden
    Rediscover gravity in this Escher-esque world filled with impossible structures and physics defying puzzles that require you to change your perspective and manipulate gravity. You can play Manifold Garden right now.
  • Raji an Ancient Epic
    Set in India and inspired by Hindu and Balinese mythology, you play as a young girl chosen by the gods to stand against the demonic invasion of the human realm and rescue her younger brother. Promising fluid combat and parkour while you master the divine weapons, you can pick this up for the Switch right now.
  • She Dreams Elsewhere
    A surreal RPG where you’ll be traversing an ethereal dreamscape to confront your inner nightmares and escape your coma. You’ll be able to jump right in sometime next year.
  • Spiritfarer
    Help the spirits of the deceased move on to the afterlife by befriending them and transporting them across the sea on your ferry. This is available now for Switch and PC.
  • Struggling
    A physics based co-op adventure where both players control one of the arms of a screeching pile of flesh named Troy. You’ll be able to play this with a friend on August 27.
  • Subnautica & Subnautica Below Zero
    After crash landing on an alien planet, your only hope for surviving is diving under the watery depths. Here, you’ll be able to craft equipment and underwater bases, pilot submarines, and hopefully out smart the wildlife so you can live another day. In addition, the sequel Below Zero will have you surviving a freezing underwater planet set one year after the first game. Both Subnautica games will launch on the Switch early next year. 
  • Takeshi & Hiroshi
    Playing as a young game developer named Takeshi, you’ll be trying to entertain you’re little brother Hiroshi with the latest chapters of your game. You’ll be able to design what enemies and challenges Hiroshi will face, while also hitting the sweet spot of not being too difficult and not too easy for your little brother. This is available now.
  • The Red Lantern
    Set in Alaska, you play as a musher set out to train a dog sledding team and start a new life. Combining roguelike elements with a strory-driven adventure game, hundreds of different events could occur as you travel across the ever-changing landscape and you have to try your best at surviving. You’ll be able to pick this up this Fall.
  • Torchlight 3
    A century after the events of Torchlight 2, Novastraia is once again threatened by an invasion and players must venture to defend the land against Netherim and its allies. This will launch this fall along with a Switch exclusive Red Fairy pet.
  • Unrailed
    A cooperative roguelike multiplayer game where you have to work together to build a railway track across an endless procedurally generated world. This will be arriving on the Switch September 23, but you can try out the demo now.
  • Untitled Goose Game Multiplayer Update
    A free 2-player update will be coming to Untitled Goose game on September 23. Just in time for the physical release 6 days later.


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