NEWS: June’s Pokemon Presents + Animal Crossing News

NEWS: June’s Pokemon Presents + Animal Crossing News

The true question is when will Pokemon Sleep release. We need answers!

Can this be classified as a Not E3 show? Well, I think so at least considering that four new Pokemon games were announced almost in one go. Also, Animal Crossing because it’s still my obsession.

Pokemon Presents

  • Pokemon Smile is aiming to turn the boredom of brushing your teeth to a fun activity where you’ll be rescuing Pokemon from bacteria and catching them. This is available on Android and iOS now.
  • Pokemon Cafe Mix is a free-to-start game where you’re the owner of a cafe for Pokemon. You’ll be fulfilling their orders by completing puzzles where you’ll be swirling Pokemon icons to link them. At the end of a puzzle, you’ll get some cute artwork of what dish or drink you made. Any Pokemon you help will also be able to become staff so you can use their skill to help you out during puzzles. This is available now for Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.
  • Pokemon Snap is getting a remake for the Nintendo Switch! If you don’t already know, Pokemon Snap is a rail-style game where you snap pictures of Pokemon as you pass by.
  • Pokemon Go Fest 2020 will be completely digital this year on July 25 and 26 between 10am and 8pm. Tickets will cost USD$14.99. Mega-evolution is also coming to Pokemon Go.
  • Pokemon SwSh: The Isle of Armor expansion is available now.
  • Pokemon Unite is…something. This will be a strategic team-based battle game in 5v5 battles for Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. It’ll be a free-to-start and will have crossplay. Sadly, The Pokemon Company is partnering with Tencent for this game.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  • Bug Off, which will obviously be hosted by Flick, is finally coming around on June 27 for the Northern Hemisphere. Unlike with the Fish Tournament, which is coming around once per season, we’ll be getting a Bug Off every fourth Saturday every month until September (July 25/August 29/September 26). Between 9am and 6pm, you’ll be able to enter after a small cost of 500 Bells (with your first entry being free) and try to catch as many bugs as you can in 3 minutes. This will also feature a similar point system to the Fishing Tournament as you’ll be able to get three trophies if you accumulate 300 points and you’ll be able to get bug-themed awards for every 10 points.
    • For the Southern Hemisphere, the Bug Off will start on November 21 and will return every third Saturday until February 2021 (December 19/January 23/February 20).
  • It looks like the rumors/leak was true as we’ll be able to swim and dive for sea creatures starting July 3. Players will be able to donate any deep-sea creatures you find while diving (which is indicated by a shadow blob) to Blathers. It’s yet to be seen if deep-sea Creatures will have it’s own tab in the Critterpedia though.
    • Pascal is also making an appearance and it looks like he’ll be asking for any scallops you find in return for DIY recipes from the Mermaid series (YES) as well as Gulliver becoming a pirate.
    • We’ll also be getting another Summer Update in early August.


Psst. Nintendo also shadow-dropped a lite exercise game called Jump Rope Challenge. You’ll be able to download this for free until September 30.

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