REVIEW: Fight’N Rage

Fight’N Rage is a very fun beat ’em up game with tons of unlockables. Co-op is a blast.

Released: Steam, PS4
Type: Single-player, Local Multiplayer, Co-op
Genre: Action, Beat ‘Em Up
Developer: SebaGamesDev/Blitworks
Publisher: Blitworks
Release date: 3 December, 2019


Fight’N Rage is a beat ’em up game that’s set in the distant future where humans are enslaved by anthropomorphic animals, or mutants. You pick from one of 3 fighters who have rebelled against the mutants and are tasked with defeating the mutant leader. Read on to find out more!

Ricardo About To Slam an Enemy On The Ground


Fight’N Rage features a fairly robust combat system where you can chain together combos using your regular attacks as well as your SP attacks. Your SP gauge (re)fills over time allowing you to unleash a powerful special attack. Using your special attack while the SP gauge isn’t filled all the way will result in you losing health. The combat system also features a parry system where you can block enemy attacks and then retaliate with a counter of your own. You can also grapple enemies and throw them. Combat is very easy to learn but the game is pretty tough to completely master, expect to die quite a few times unless you’re a veteran of the genre.

The game can also be played in co-op with up to 3 people. For this review I teamed up with a friend of mine and we managed to defeat all 10 levels the game has to offer. The game is an absolute blast on co-op and it’s definitely the recommended method to play the game. I noticed that the amount of enemies that you face increases with the amount of players playing to increase the difficulty. Things got pretty hectic with how many enemies were on screen.

Many of the enemies in the game utilize move sets that I imagine fans of Street Fighter will recognize. My friend and I spent a good deal of time guessing the characters that each enemy’s move set belonged to. Enemy appearances also seem to vaguely mirror their inspiration as well. We also noticed that some of the levels mimic various beat ’em up games as well.

Each level in the game is unique and features varying environments to play through. There’s even a level where you ride on surf boards all the while fighting enemies. It was an absurd, but fun level.

A Screenshot Of A 3 Player Co-op Game


One of the best things the game has to offer is it’s immense amount of unlockables. To unlock things, you need coins, and you acquire coins through your high score. The higher your score, the more coins you earn. If you die during a level you earn coins based on how many points you’ve earned up to that point, then the points reset to zero if you continue.

Unlockables include costumes for the main characters, extra characters, new game modes and modifiers, and tips. There are 15 costumes for each main character, 22 extra characters, 12 extra modes and 32 tips. All of the extra characters are enemies that you face in the game. Extra modes include an easy mode, CPU player characters, turbo mode, score attack, time attack and many more.

Many of the unlockables are locked at the start of the game but more unlock as you complete game modes.

A Shot Of Gal’s Special Move


Overall, Fight’N Rage is an excellent beat ’em up game. It’s combat feels great, it’s co-op is incredibly fun, and it has a plethora of unlockables and game modes to enjoy. There’s a ton of replayability here, and it’ll definitely keep you busy for a good deal of time. I also ran into zero issues or bugs during my time with the game, so the port is excellently done. If you’re a fan of beat ’em up style games, I highly recommend Fight’N Rage, it’s excellent.

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  • I disagree. The game is great but the unlockables are far too hard for people like me, who are disabled to earn. I’m never going to get “Beat game on Hardest without Continues”. That’s why this Dev needs to put Assists in the game



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