REVIEW: Juliäntli

Juliäntli is a small rhythm game about clicking on ducks while listening to duck techno. Are you ready for tons of quacking? QUACK!!

Author: Aythadis
Steam: Released
Type: Single-player
Genre: Rhythm, Casual
Release date: 31 Aug, 2018


Juliäntli is a tiny, handcrafted rhythm game about ducks. Enjoy some crazy duck techno and click the ducks on the beat to beat the high score. But seriously: It’s really tiny. You click ducks. To the beat. With crazy duck techno.” – Steam Store Page.

Well they are not lying! This is exactly what the page says it is, and it’s a blast to play! If you are not a fan of rhythm games, or ducks, then I will strongly suggest that this is not a game for you. There is lots of clicking, and even more quacking. So enough quacking, let’s get quacking about Juliäntli!


The objective to Juliäntli is simple, score as many points as possible before the timer runs out. How do you earn points? Just click on the ducks as they appear! Sounds like an easy task, right? Well if you truly want to earn the most points, you have to click on beat with the music. Doing so will net you a “Beat Bonus” which is a multiplier. You will know you are on beat when your cursor is green instead of white. Get the beat bonus as high as possible and you will easily be wracking up the points! As the ducks spawn in, they start out small, and slowly grow to a bigger size before they disappear. The bigger they are, the more points they offer and a better effect they will have. Wrack up that score before the timer ends, after which your score will be submitted to the leader-boards.

Quack quack quack?

There are a total of four different ducks to click on and each with their own special ability. The red fires a laser from its beak and spins. Any other duck it hits with it’s laser will act like you clicked it, giving you the points. The blue duck will pull in other ducks close by to where it was, making it easier for you to click them. The green duck gives you more time. The higher your beat bonus, the better amount of time you will earn. Finally the most important duck is the gold duck. As you play you will see some gold numbers start spawning. This is your indicator that the gold ducks are spawning. These gold ducks offer the most points, the most time, and give you a sure fire beat bonus. However you MUST click them in order, otherwise it doesn’t count and you lose the bonus. Thankfully, these don’t just randomly spawn anywhere. They will always spawn in a certain order or pattern. So far, the best beat bonus I’ve managed to get was 47. To think there is an achievement for getting 100! To be fair, though, I’m pretty bad when it comes to rhythm games.

Quack quack quack quack quack?

In the end, that is all the game offers. However the dev did state that all sales will hopefully go back into the game to add in more songs, more ducks, more challenges, and more levels. Now I did get the game for free for review purposes, but I did buy the soundtrack. It was just too catchy, I absolutely had to have it. They even included an instrumental version of the song (but who in their right mind doesn’t want the quacking!) which I think is great! I do hope they add in more songs as it would be very interesting to see what other songs they could quack up to!

For some reason, I even managed to take the #1 position on the leader-boards. I still don’t know how, as I’m not very good at rhythm games, but hey I’ll take it! Let’s see if you can out score me!


In the end, for the cheap price it is really worth it if you are looking for a fun game to kill time. On top of the music being super addictive, buying the soundtrack is just as worth it. I highly recommend purchasing this and supporting the dev! I can’t wait to see them add more into the game! Quack quack!

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Dead Parrot
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