ARTICLE: Dark Souls Remastered And You

ARTICLE: Dark Souls Remastered And You

Are you wondering whether or not you should get the new Dark Souls Remaster? Hopefully this will help you out!

Nine years ago the first Souls game, Demon Souls was released by From Software and since then has sprouted three more installments titled Dark Souls and an honorary one called Bloodborne. Later on, to mostly everyone’s dismay, any difficult game began to be called “The Dark Souls of [genre]”. And now, Dark Souls have been re-released as a remastered version.

So…What Is Dark Souls?

New to Dark Souls and wondering what all the hubbub is about? Well, to put it simply, Dark Souls is a dark fantasy action rpg that encourages players to explore with caution and learn from their mistakes. Whether it be a regular ‘ole enemy or a big bad boss, any mistake you make will cost you. Due to this you will undoubtedly die a lot, but with each death you learn just a bit more. Where you didn’t know how certain enemies or bosses attack previously, now you do. Just figure out how to deal with their attacks and sooner or later, you will overcome the challenge.

Dark Souls certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you don’t mind dying a lot and the frustration that comes with it, or just want a challenge, it might be for you. With the remaster being released, it is the perfect time for new players to jump into Dark Souls.

What Does This Remaster Change?

So what is different between this remaster and the original? Here are the most prominent changes that were made:

  • Online multiplayer capacity has been raised to 6 players along with the Dried Finger item being available earlier in the game
  • There is a new option to set a matchmaking password
  • Online networks are now on dedicated servers instead of Peer to Peer
  • Phantoms will now be able to heal with their own Estus Flasks
  • You can now change the button configuration and scale the UI
  • A Bonfire has been added next to Vamos the Blacksmith
  • Items aren’t auto-added to item slots
  • You can now select a number of usable items instead of having to use one at a time
  • Covenants can now be switched at Bonfires
  • Blighttown has been optimized
  • Updated graphics: 4k resolution with 60fps*, new lighting, polished textures, and new effects
    • *PS4 and Xbox at 1080p resolution and the Switch at 1080p at 30fps docked or 720p at 30fps handheldUpdated graphics: 4k resolution at 60fps*, new lighting, polished textures, and new effects (such as spell effects)

Be Careful On PC Though…

While there is no better time to play multiplayer in Dark Souls, hackers have been reported to be running around in Dark Souls Remastered with insta-kill spells, giving Curse and Egghead status effects to players, and even breaking others’ armor. As far as I can tell, there are no real accounts of softbans due to hackers using these spells, but it can still cause a major inconvenience. It’s unknown whether there will be any update to crack down on them, but due to the past games it seems unlikely. Sadly, for those who are waiting for the Watchdog mod, the creator has also stated that they have no plans to make a version for the remaster.

The most you can do to beat these hackers is to be cautious. Back up your save every once in a while (or use this autosave script), don’t pick up dropped items from strangers, and check out this guide that lists known hackers and how to block them. Or just switch off online mode in the menu or play as a hollow.

Dark Souls Remastered is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One with the Switch version coming sometime this Summer.


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