REVIEW: Super Seducer

Why did I even play this.

Steam: Released
Developer: RLR Training Inc
Publisher: RLR Training Inc,
Red Dahlia Interactive
Genre: FMV “Educational” Simulator
Type: Single Player
Release date: March 6, 2018

Despite my first reaction when I decided to pick this game, it turned out to be the one thing that made me quit and take a breather. When I first heard about Super Seducer, it was around Valentines Day and it looked like a game that was cringey and would just be funny. Little did I expect that this is played seriously. But anyway, Super Seducer is a pick up artist game being advertised as an “educational” with 10 different scenarios to go through with Richard.

Each scenario will require you to pick out the best possible choice that will lead to whatever the goal is, which can be a phone number, sex, or a date. There are obvious answers that go to a wrong response, a kinda good kinda bad response, and then the right response that is followed up by it used in action with Richard sitting saying why it does/does not work. Depending on the result, you will get a broken heart, half heart and dressed women, or full heart and women in underwear cause obviously “boobs = success” and you can’t be pick up artist unless there are uninterested-looking women in the shot.  But there is really no change depending on what you choose as wrong choices, it will just boot you back and no matter if you do the so-so or correct response, they will just act the same. The only difference being if a choice either gets a yes only if you do a perfect run or a no for a so-so run.

This quickly spirals into being really boring after the first couple scenarios. Even when I was playing with my friend, I would just wander off. The conversations really don’t have any chemistry and just go on for too long. It really shows that this is highly scripted as most times it doesn’t seem like a real conversation that is naturally progressing. There are funny wrong choices (like the “twerk attack” choice) but most of them just go on way too long and should have just been cut short. Like we get it, you overreact to rejection and think “no” is “yes” despite the hundreds of times you are told, just move the scene on already.

There are really only a few bits of advice that are good, but it is really just common sense. Of course being passionate about something, not making overly sexual jokes, not touching yourself in public, and being friendly helps as well, but it’s almost a moot point to make. Yet, everything else? Those pointers are questionable at best and should honestly not be taken as advice at worst.  It comes off even more terrible when he mentions how he thinks. Even though he says to not make sexual jokes on the first meeting, he actually believes it with the comments he makes. Going in front of women when they’re just walking to somewhere is not the way to go as it is just annoying and aggressive (it’s annoying when anyone does it and you have somewhere to go honestly). Taking away the ability for her to say “no” early on is lousy advice as well. You don’t have to lie about your life as eventually they will be able to tell (especially if you don’t know the terminology for spiking a ball if you claim you’re into volleyball; I know that and I’m barely into volleyball) and everyone loves to talk a lot, just not when they have somewhere to be. You shouldn’t get a woman drunk so you can definitely have a chance for sex (who has a first date at a bar?). Insulting women (or “negging”) is not going to elicit a positive response and they can just go to someone else that won’t. If you want to compliment, do, but don’t do it just to make them work for it as they will see that you’re uninterested and again, will go to someone else. You should definitely not say “Hey you want to go eat somewhere else that has better food? My treat” or “This place has way better music and drinks, wanna go?” and purposely leave out that it’s your house, especially in a scenario where the woman is drunk like in this game. You should not purposely try to ruin a woman’s relationship (if she is in a relationship move on, she is obviously not looking for a hookup) by manipulating how she thinks of it. If your friend is an interest (side note men and women can be friends and not just a long con for sex) and you do want to be their boyfriend someday, why would you make a point of objectifying other women in front of them and act like talking to them is unimportant if another woman walks past? Why would they trust you or have a desire to date you after that? And why would you take advantage of their despair of their now-ex dumping them and get her drunk so you can get sex? Also if you think about ruining a book for me, please just don’t, I was trying to unveil it for myself here and you just ruined it. There could be more, but I’m just trying to block this whole game from my memory. Honestly, women are not “one size fits all” as many will react in different ways and women are people and should be respected, not objects or conquests.


PUA advice is also not a “secret guy code”, women know about it by either reading about it, by their friends, or by their own experiences. If you don’t like women that do (which they should be called out as well), why should women be interested in you?  Because, honestly, if you have to resort to lying, manipulating, insulting her and/or getting her drunk, you can’t be low enough.

I honestly barely see any of these scenarios lasting very long and even if they do, just to be polite or to avoid an overreaction (which Richard does show). Even if the conversation goes on long, they can still give a fake number or just not answer anyway.

If she’s your friend, why is she just named “Girl” in your phone?

I’ll talk a bit about the acting, it’s not good. Richard really only has one tone that persists throughout. The one time he was obviously trying to make a joke, it was in the same tone when he is being serious. I honestly don’t see him charming or charismatic. The women do better, but even when they have to act like they are into him, they just read as being uncomfortable and mostly doing nervous laughs. When either of them makes a mistake, or forget their line, you can tell and you just wonder if it was really the best take. If you also pay attention to the women he uses as bed props, you can see them rolling their eyes or making faces to try not to laugh.

Also, side note, if a prop is going to be used, in this case a condom, actually use one instead of pretending. It is really obvious and for someone that is for safe sex (and supposedly had sex “all the time” and has a “full booked schedule of hundreds of women”) should honestly have some anyway.

The camerawork and editing is just mediocre. There could have been interesting angles that could have been used and if you pay close enough attention, you can see that the cameras are set to auto focus and will occasionally focus in the middle of shots. There are objects on the side of the shot that is out of focus and it really looks weird. With the edits, there are a bunch of shots where he, or someone else, is cut off at the end of their sentence. There are also fadeouts into separate shots that honestly, don’t make sense. Your previous shot was the bedroom shot or the choices shot, you can just start it from the new clip and not fade the old clip to the new clip.

At least some areas do generally look good with more people there and the outfits the women wear throughout look nice.

This game would have been little bit better if this was actually supposed to make fun of pick up artists and the advice they give. Or better yet, it starts out as a pick up artist game but quickly spirals into a totally different game. But no, this is being played as totally serious and not as a joke throughout. Richard constantly says “psychologically…” in terms of how it manipulates them and variations of “in the game…” followed by “but in real life…”. Making this even more sleazy as you know how this guy actually views women.


Super Seducer is just a horrible game and a totally basic “educational” game that at best really only shows common sense and at worst treats women as objects to manipulate or something to conquer and move on to the next. I’m very surprised I lasted for all 10 scenarios as you are but here we are. On top of this, Richard shows off how “rich” he is or how many “women he has booked to have sex with everyday”.  After everything that has happened outside the game and knowing that this is not a joke game, I wouldn’t buy this at all. I know that I would love more FMV games, but I have boundaries. If you really just want this as a joke and have your group of friends laugh at it, I guess, but wait for a discount. But if you truly think this is going to get any and every woman you want, don’t be surprised that it doesn’t.

I actually have a dating book that I got when it first came out about five years ago as a joke called Geek’s Guide to Dating. Not only does this specifically target people that this game is supposed to, but does not encourage lying, being a jerk to other women(geek or no), and the PUA manipulation tactics. It’s written and designed for them as they constantly reference games or movies in relation to the advice, has 8-bit art, actually funny, goes beyond just the first date or talking to women, respectful to women, wants you to stay true to yourself and not lie, and even if this is not specifically targeted to women, there are sections we can take for advice too.

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