Archive: April 2017

PREVIEW: Planet Nomads

A new Indie survival crafting sandbox showing some promise and a handful of exciting features, could be one of the upcoming stars if done the right way.

PREVIEW: Antihero

Antihero puts you in the shoes of a master thief and his/her gang with the task of becoming the thief lord of the whole area. The game is nearly 3 months away from its release at the time of writing and it is already shaping up to be one of the most

PREVIEW: Tyler: Model 005

Tyler: Model 005 is a 3D action-platformer and exploration game which puts you in boots of a miniature robot called Tyler in a gorgeous steampunk setting of the ’50s.

REVIEW: The Keep

3 years after its debut on the Nintendo 3DS, The Keep arrives on PC, in the form of a Unity engine port. Originally hailed as a mini portable “Grimrock lite”, how does it fare?

REVIEW: Mafia 3: Faster, Baby!

A racist small town sheriff is keeping his town white by force, a sundown town. Evidences have been gathered against him in a file that he manages to steal from a human rights movement activist after murdering him. It’s up to the player to help the



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