REVIEW: Power & Revolution 2017 Edition

REVIEW: Power & Revolution 2017 Edition

Geopolitical Simulator 4 aka Power and Revolution is the fourth installment in the Geopolitical Simulator series. Power and Revolution puts you in the shoes of the head of a state or a country with the focus of extending your influence on the world.

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First of all, let me get this out of the way, Power and Revolution is not a good game in its current state. The game is a shadow of what it tries to be and utterly falls flat on its face. The game starts you off as the head of a particular country and then leaves you to control it.

You are given the options to increase/decrease taxes on various subjects like deforestation. Power and Revolution is not focused on taking over the world by force, though it gives you the option to do that. You have to try and increase the economic stability of your country by doing various deeds and slowly building up your nation.

You can make allies with various other nations, suppress uprisings which are common throughout the world and wage war against other countries. On paper it sounds like a run of the mill game which is supposed to have some real depth but it is executed really poorly. All of the systems felt like a ruse and most of my decisions felt like they were only to bring in more funds for the nation. The game tries to implicate many mechanics which do not actually affect anything.

While you’re at war with any nation, you can control your armies directly or decide to auto resolve it by leaving them on their own. The game’s interface is just so ugly that I never actually controlled my army. Icons clutter up the screens and there is quite a lot of visual noise at every given point which can easily distract any player.

The only good thing I found about Power and Revolution is the senator system. Your cabinet in this game actually does some work and gives you advice on what will happen if a certain law is implemented or not. What does not work though is the fact that they never tell the long term side effects of a plan. This can easily leave you baffled in many situations and might as well force you to quit in latter game. Power and Revolution is also a very slow game and requires patience from you if you want to pull some enjoyment out of it.
The tutorial is very short and does not explain many of the mechanics included in the game and it is a drastic change going from the tutorial to a new game.

Power and Revolution is also riddled throughout with bugs. There were moments when it forced me to rage quit because of some of the ridiculous decisions the AI made. There were constant crashes to desktop and it sometimes started lagging horribly for no apparent reason. And this is not a game which looks like it could ever lag. The loading times are longer than they should be and with the price tag the game has, it is just not worth it.

I also tested the 2017 Edition Add on and after playing that, I felt that whoever buys this game and the add on might as well throw the money. The DLC is more or less cosmetic with nothing really new added to the experience and has the guts to ask for 15 extra bucks on the top of the already expensive price tag.


Terrible. Seriously, it looks like a game that belongs to 2001 or 2002 rather than the modern time. The map textures are completely bland, the cities look like mashed paper and the character models are simply laughable. It strains your eyes and looks like complete garbage.


The voice acting in the game ranges from average to laughable. There are a few solid notes in the soundtrack but overall it is there in a package where you might as well mute the game.


Wait for a deep discount before you even start thinking about buying this game. This is a false facade which is not worth your money. It is completely unpolished and sports terrible visuals and sound design. The 2017 add on is even more of a cashgrab and that too is not worth buying at any cost.


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