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ARTICLE: Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs – Dehumanization of Industrial Capital

A Marxist analysis of Pigs’ reveals how the dehumanization inherent to capital industrialization serves as a foundation for its horror.


REVIEW: Power & Revolution 2017 Edition

Geopolitical Simulator 4 aka Power and Revolution is the fourth installment in the Geopolitical Simulator series. Power and Revolution puts you in the shoes of the head of a state or a country with the focus of extending your influence […]


REVIEW: Urban Empire

Urban Empire is a game that promises to combine a great city builder with deep political roots. Does it stand up to its claims or bury itself in the ground? Let’s find out:


REVIEW: REALPOLITIKS – Junior’s First Grand Strategy

Realpolitiks is a geopolitical real-time strategy game with the ability to lead any contemporary nation found in modern times. Bolstered by a beautifully rendered over-world map and stellar event artwork, this new entry to the grand-strategy genre provides the player […]