PREVIEW: We Need to Go Deeper

PREVIEW: We Need to Go Deeper

We Need to Go Deeper is a 2-4 person cooperative rogue-like game of balancing tasks–from combat to submarine repair–and managing power output. Journey to the bottom of the sea with a team of friends, randoms, or a mixture of the two.

What It Offers Now

A hectic mix of combat, steering, and submarine management.

You use WASD to move, E to interact, and the mouse to use whatever item is in your hand. Steering your submarine is inverted, so holding W will cause you to descend and S to ascend. It also controls like a brick, but what were you expecting of something that size?As you explore the open sea, your one destination is down. You’ll encounter various aquatic life, obstacles, and explorable caves that contain loot. The majority of the game is played aboard your submarine, so you will need to maintain the structural integrity of your hull, which is indicated at the top right of the screen.

On your sub there are four main areas: a bed to heal, a helm to steer, the engine bay that controls where power is routed, and a place to fire the torpedoes!

The majority of combat is done aboard your sub. The engine room allows you to allocate a total of 4 points to:

–light (for dark zones)
–shields (to protect against enemies)
–engine (to increase speed and maneuverability)
–torpedoes (up to three slots for subsequent shots)Allocating more than one point will make your shields stronger, allow you to maneuver faster, and allow you to load more torpedoes simultaneously respectively. Depending on how many people are in your crew, you’ll need to alternate between steering, mending the hull, fending off creatures that board you, and firing torpedoes. Teamwork is the name of the game.

Enemies attack in one of three ways: 1) by ramming into the sub, which create holes and cause leaking, 2) by boarding your sub and attacking your crew directly 3) by latching on to your craft. These must have all of their invading appendages cut off before they can be dealt with. Be careful to patch holes in your hull or else the sub will fill with water and you’ll drown.The game is very good about auditory feedback; you’ll hear water filling some part of the ship, enemies that board, and the battle cries of specific oncoming enemies. Each sea creature takes a different number of torpedoes to kill. Larger enemies take 2 or 3 while smaller ones take a single shot.

Boss battles occur at the end of each biome zone and will be specific to each region.There are currently 2 regions that we know of. Ship problems and character sickness are biome specific. For example: in the ice biome, the doors will freeze and you can catch hypothermia by standing in icy water.

As you descend, you will discover undersea caves which can be explored on foot. These are filled with monsters, gold, lootable corpses, and a submarine upgrade (1 per cave).











If you die, you can be revived by a friend at the cost of having your HP permanently reduced for the remainder of the run. This means you can be revived 5 times in total before truly dying. If the submarine’s structural integrity reaches 0 health or your entire party dies simultaneously, it’s game over.

After you’ve been given the game over screen, you are returned to the main menu where you can spend your gold to purchase outfits and items that you discover during your playthrough.

These items are used as part of your loadout as when you start the game, you are able to choose one starting item. You can carry up to two at a time and swap between them at any time by right-clicking.


Communication is key here, because if everybody starts with a weapon, you will have no one to repair your submarine.

No wrench? No fix.

What It Promises

  • 10 biomes for the full release, each full of unique enemies
  • Numerous boss battles where each boss is suited for the biome
  • Several submarines to choose from, including one’s specialized for certain playstyles
  • A discoverable undersea civilization, unique to each biome. This comes with a translator to help player understand the unique languages
  • Loads more equipment
  • An endgame. You’ll be able to make it to the bottom–and then…?

.Bottom line.
This is a hectic cooperative experience and one that most anyone can enjoy with a bit of practice. In its current state, the game is 100% playable, enjoyable, and recommendable–and it will only get better from here.


As always, gamers: stay in the know~


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February 2017

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