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PREVIEW: We Need to Go Deeper

We Need to Go Deeper is a 2-4 person cooperative rogue-like game of balancing tasks–from combat to submarine repair–and managing power output. Journey to the bottom of the sea with a team of friends, randoms, or a mixture of the two.

REVIEW: Mr. Massagy

Mr. Massagy is a dating sim that rewards your romantic skills with a massage administered through your connected controller. You read that correctly. The dates themselves and the conversations you’ll hold with them are equally as strange as the

REVIEW: Heroine Anthem Zero

Heroine Anthem Zero focuses on story-telling, which is all fine and good unless you’re in the market for a solid metroidvania. Combat takes a backseat to narration and platforming for a more laid back metroidvanian experience.


Make no mistake: Al・Fine is not a dungeon crawler, so any comparison to other shop management games like Reccetear is unfair. You won’t be going around and killing monsters and looting items to sell nor will you be crafting. Instead, you’ll be

REVIEW: Crazy Oafish Ultra Blocks: Big Sale

Crazy Oafish Ultra Blocks: Big Sale is a good idea, but a poorly executed one. Lack of a tutorial and lack of controller support makes the game feel unfinished while poor controls (though re-bindable) and even poorer performance make the entire

REVIEW: Megalo Polis

Megalo Polis is funny… At first. Then, the repetitive gameplay and the grating, squeaky voices of the ridiculous, bobble-headed candidates drags down the whole experience. If the “strategy” tag on this game appealed to you, you’ll be sorely


Klang! That’s the sound of electronic beats so sick you’ll need to report to a music specialist and a physician to find out why you can’t stop tapping your toes and nodding your head to the rhythm. Klang’s difficulty is absolutely brutal, but you’ll

REVIEW: The Girl and the Robot

Author: Lady Dawn The Girl and the Robot is a third person action/adventure game set in a fairy tale world. You take on the role of a young girl who is trying to escape from a castle ruled by an evil queen with the help of a robot that you take



June 2024

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