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REVIEW: A Collection Of Bad Moments

A Collection Of Bad Moments places players in the middle of dangerous and strange situations. It’s up to the player to find of a way to escape from them


PREVIEW: We Need to Go Deeper

We Need to Go Deeper is a 2-4 person cooperative rogue-like game of balancing tasks–from combat to submarine repair–and managing power output. Journey to the bottom of the sea with a team of friends, randoms, or a mixture of the […]


Top Games of 2015

Are you curious who is in Top Ten Games of 2015 by money? We certainly are and we bring you the list.


REVIEW: Guild Wars 2

Players gather on the staircase leading down to the Ascalonian catacombs, filling local chat with group requests. A few run about, periodically charging up a nearby hill to repel another assault by harpies on a Durmand Priory dig site. Others […]


Razer: world's first gaming laptop

26th August came and with that Razer revealed what will change the PC Gaming world. Its a Razer Blade “world’s first gaming laptop”. What a let down? Specifications: – 17 inch screen – 2.8GHz Core i7 processor – 8GB RAM – 320GB […]