REVIEW: Anna’s Quest

Status: Released

Developer: Daedalic Entertainment

Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment

Genre: Point & Click Adventure

Release Date: 2.07.2015

Platforms: PC

You know those stories that your grandmas and grandpas speaks about: don’t go to the woods alone, darkness will catch you, horrible things happens there, monsters, trolls, witches or any other scary stories. Well, something similar can be said for Anna’s Quest.

Anna is a young girl and she lives on a farm with her grandfather in peaceful and happy harmony. Suddenly her grandfather got ill and Anna decided to go to the dark forest to find the cure, the same forest her grandfather spoke about and forbidden her to go there. Even though Anna is very brave girl she feared the dark forest and she always felt like someone is watching her as she was going deeper and deeper through the forest. It was a witch called Winfriede that stalked her,  kidnapped Anna and took her to the tower, locked up her and made an experiment on Anna. This is where we will stop. We don’t want to spoil what will happen later on Anna’s journey to get cure for her ill grandfather. As you progress, story complicates more and more.

Anna’s Quest is a standard point & click adventure game. Game starts when you get locked up in the witch tower and asks you do you want to do tutorial or not. I recommend you to do it, especially to the people who are unexperienced with games like this one. As you are trying to get out of the tower you will learn how to use few aspects of the game. First of them are the basic controls: Left and right-click. With left click you move Anna and interact with objects and with right-click you can inspect the objects. One thing that I like a lot is an unlimited space inventory. I even didn’t know that this game has it, until I read about it on game Steam page. Another aspect of the game is combining different items from your inventory, one of the funnier combination at the beginning of the game is yellow paint and mold and many more funny combinations. Beside combining items you can use one item on other item, for example you can cut something off with your scissors or do something else that’s needed. What makes Anna different from others? Telekinesis is the answer. That’s the reason why the witch kidnapped her and locked up her. Anna even didn’t know that she had telekinesis, but as story progress she finds out more about telekinesis and her ill grandpa. It looks like her grandpa was a badass super hero when he was younger.

Graphics in this game are gorgeous. Beautiful hand-drawn graphics. Some scenes in the game are breath-taking at least for me and you ask yourself are graphics like in Crisis or any other AAA game so important and needed, this game uses hand-drawn graphics and its beautiful! Everything is done superb, from character designing to location designing. What makes this story interesting is the character voice over and narration of the game. I must thank the developers and publishers of this game, Daedalic Entertainment, for putting an extra effort on how game presents itself. As your journey progress you will meet a lot of interesting, weird, funny characters in the game as: great musicians, funny trolls from the dungeons, the Devil itself and many more. I think that whole presentation of the Anna’s Quest is the best part of the whole game. Graphics are beautiful, voice overs are done nicely, characters are superb and interesting, same as locations. Cinematics are done nice too. Everything is done so good as far of presentation of the game, but nothing and none is perfect in this world.

Gameplay is what I don’t like in this game and because of that I will not give this game a high rating mark . If you don’t want to use your brain, then this is not game for you. I would put this game somewhere in the middle of casual and hardcore, maybe more on hardcore side.  I wouldn’t say that this game is very hardcore, because there are lot of the puzzles in this game that are easy to solve, but then again some puzzles are very hard to solve or sometimes it seems like solution to the puzzle is very illogical or the way how to solve the puzzle is very strange, weird, illogical or call it what ever you want. Few times through the game I was asking myself how suppose I should know  that’s the right way to solve the puzzle, at least for me it wasn’t very logical solution. As you progress through the game, puzzles gets better, funnier and a little bit harder, but that’s ok as every game tends to be harder as you come to the end of the game, but still unexperienced players will have bad times with solving them. Too bad this game doesn’t have some kind of help as some adventure games have or maybe they should have created casual and hardcore mode.

I finished Anna’s Quest in 9 hours with a little help, but lets say that average first run through the game is 10 hours. This game has some replay value, you might finish the game once or twice more, because story is a little bit complicated and you maybe want to catch the whole story, maybe you want to have all achievements or any other reason.

Ask yourself: do you love games like Anna’s Quest? If your answer is yes, then I recommend you this game, if your answer is no, then I don’t recommend you this game. This is one of those games that only fans of adventure, point & click games will love. I don’t like adventure games so much and I really didn’t have so much fun with this game. It’s not a bad game, but its nothing special that I would go mad about it. You’ll get both mediocre gameplay and story, but if you are a fan of this games, then you will have a lot of fun with them.


– beautiful hand-drawn graphics,

– design of characters and locations,

– the whole presentation of the game


– seems like story gets too complicated,

– not for unexperienced players, too bad game isn’t more for casual gamers

RATING: 65/100

Written by
Lost Child
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August 2015

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