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REVIEW: Slap Village: Reality Slap

Slap Village: Reality Slap is developed by MonkeyToons and published by Tizona Interactive. The first game to be released for both parties involved, I’d say they hit the ground running with this title. Belonging close to the space western subgenre

REVIEW: Planet Explorers

How many of you have ever had the pleasure of driving your own vehicle? Ever forget to check your blind spot? In any case, most of the time I’m sure nothing bad will happen if you do forget to check it. Times change though! In this instance the

REVIEW: Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation

Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation is developed by Stardock Entertainment and Oxide Games while being published by Stardock Entertainment. If I were to simply take the words of the many customers who already wrote their impressions through reviews

REVIEW: Spectrum

Lead your three eye entity through the abstract world of stylized shapes and bright colors in more than 80 levels. Discover the world!

REVIEW: Cossacks 3

I wasn’t really hyped about this game when I saw the announcement for the first time, but I was happy that we are finally getting one proper RTS game. Cossacks game series isn’t maybe so known in the gaming world, because there are few

REVIEW: Mad Games Tycoon

I remember when the first game development tycoon was released and after it, everyone tried to copy it. Now, we have few this kind types of games and I can only tell two that are good. One of them is of course Mad Games Tycoon.

REVIEW: Jelly Killer

Jelly Killer is a old-school style platformer in which you control a little zombie-genom that can take bodies of other live creatures.

REVIEW: Punch Club

Steam: Released Developer: Lazy Bear Games Publisher:  tinyBuild Genre: Boxing Tycoon Management Release date: 8th January 2016 Type: Single–player This game brings back some little memories of my childhood and it also showed how you can promote the



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