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REVIEW: Homefront The Revolution

The second Homefront chapter tries an open-world approach, only with partial success. Solid gunplay, excellent visuals and engaging combat are the highlights, however everything else proves to be just decent at the best of times.


REVIEW: Life is Strange 2

DONTNOD forged a worthy sequel for the Life is Strange series with this chapter. However, the instrumentation of some actions to promote real-world political views, really drags the game down in some parts, as they appear blatantly unrealistic in their […]


REVIEW: Starpoint Gemini 3

Starpoint Gemini 3 ultimately proves to be a disappointing sequel for the franchise. Most iconic and loved gameplay elements have been butchered or removed, while the novelties prove to be mediocre or outright bad additions. Disastrous character-building and boring story […]


REVIEW: Phoning Home

Phoning Home is an interesting Indie open-world adventure that has an equal amount of strong suits and glaring issues. Ultimately it results enjoyable, but could be much better if some problems were addressed.


Review: STALKER Call of Pripyat

Call Of Pripyat is the last and overall best entry in the series, that refines gameplay mechanics to a shine, and doesn’t surpass the first one only story-wise. An excellent conclusion to a legendary series.


REVIEW: Breathedge (1.0)

RedRuins Softworks managed to create one of the most original and well made survival games I’ve seen in quite some time. While not perfect and with a disappointing late-game part, it still manages to deliver a very good Survival experience […]


REVIEW: State Of Mind

State of Mind is a solid narrative adventure with complex themes and excellent world design, that however doesn’t reach excellence due to pacing problems and lack of choices.


REVIEW: Mafia II Definitive Edition

This remastered version of the original 2010 title brings new life to Empire Bay thanks to updated visuals, and also includes all DLC. However, some new technical problems surfaced as consequence.


REVIEW: Earth Analog

Earth Analog is definitely an ambitious single-dev Indie space sim, that manages to achieve a lot especially on the technical side. Despite its notable successes in some fields, lack of polishing, terrible optimization and gameplay issue ultimately make this only […]


REVIEW: Journey To The Savage Planet

With their first game, Typhoon studios managed to deliver a solid metroidvania style adventure with strong setting, arti direction and gameplay. Even if not perfect, JTSP proves to be a solid title for the genre.