SNEAK PEEK: Worldbox – God Simulator

SNEAK PEEK: Worldbox – God Simulator

I might have overdone it.

Releasing: Steam
Type: Single-player
Genre: Simulation
Developer: Maxim Karpenko
Publisher: Maxim Karpenko
Release date: TBA

A Touch of Land Here, a Touch of Lava There

Have you ever thought how fun it could be to be a god? Because I did. And I also got to experience it, managing a world inhabited by elves, dwarves and humans. Not orcs though. I don’t like orcs.
Luckily, generating a new world doesn’t take a week in Worldbox, a new god simulator game in development and, unfortunately, still without a release date. Anyhow, I start by choosing a big world, I want no mercury, I’m going for a full-size map with multiple continents and island. Then I start popping animals around the world: chickens, cows, sheep and even turtles begin to walk my brand new world. NOTE TO SELF: spawning piranhas next to turtles is not a good idea… I guess land turtles will do.

The Light of Civilization

After watching animals do nothing for one entire minute, I decide that my world needs more bipedal creatures. Thus, I start spawning humans, elves and dwarves around my world. Ah, the spark of civilization: the three groups immediately split into smaller ones that then proceed to build the very first villages that the world has ever seen. The humans on the bottom-left corner split their honestly not too big island into two villages, which I sincerely think won’t stay peaceful too long. Dwarves follow the same strategy, but their initial villages much further apart thanks to their positioning in the big central continent. The elves are instead the only race that chose to coexist peacefully, the damned tree-lovers. Anyway, I can’t even start popping some terrible weather event that the two human villages start fighting each other. I mean, how stupid can you be.

An intense war between neighbours will spark in just a few minutes.

The incredible kingdom of Motuirks (kudos for the name, really) conquers with ease the neighbouring kingdom of Tabaona. Humans though are not yet united under a single flag, since a lonely villager founded, with much delay, a new small village on a smaller island nearby. I also notice that he must have swum all the way there, since nobody had boats at the time. The madman.

The Phantom Menace

In the meanwhile, also the rest of the world is able to see some action: while elves found a new colony, the dwarven kingdom with capital Tatuhm conquers the other two. I’m not very pleased with it (and also a little bit scared because it’s becoming to powerful), so it’s time to stretch my fingers, but I don’t use the heavy weaponry right away. I mean, a napalm bomb falling right on your medieval village would be a tad too obvious sign. I instead spark a revolution in the second biggest dwarven city, which becomes independent. And, in order to be sure that it won’t be conquered right away, a nice earthquake tears down half of the dwarf capital.

All the mountains on the north of Tatuhm rose thanks to the not very delicate earthquake, that destroyed a good half of the dwarven capital city.

While everyone is leaving a peaceful life (or fighting a war), a new threat emerges on the rightmost island: a huge group of zombies emerged from the sands, ready to eat the brain of every human, dwarf or elf it will encounter. Luckily, the island is surrounded by very deep water, so they are confined in a tight space… at least for now. Outside Zombieland, every race has now ports and it is possible to see boats trading goods or raiding enemy ports, depending on the relation with that kingdom. Oh and I also found out that I really like the kingdom of Isiva, the lonely human kingdom founded by the swimming man: every warrior of the kingdom gets a blessing from me. The others are not very happy but, hey… what can they do about it?

A new threat emerges on the east: zombies!

The Nearing of the End

One year later, we find the dwarven empire of Tatuhm lies in ruins: one or two zombies might have slipped under my eyes, causing a ehm… small outbreak that killed almost 150 dwarves. Luckily, the other empire of miners is strong enough to finish off the brain-eating threat before it becomes too serious. But those were only the initial forces of the invasion and, a few years later, a powerful earthquake creates just enough lands for the main zombie army to get out of the island. The now fully-grown empires quickly make peace with each other and start fighting the common enemy. Sincerely, I might have overdone it. The zombies are just too many, so they quickly start to overwhelm the armies, destroying everything and turning everyone into one of them. After just a year and a half, the entire continent and south islands are completely devoid of life. The only bastion of hope is the big elven island in the north. I don’t want to make it look like I have preferences, so I take control of a giant crab that shoots lasers and completely annihilate them. And now, the world keeps on turning, but everything turned to ashes.

I don’t want to make it look like I have preferences, so I take control of a giant crab that shoots lasers and completely annihilate them.


Worldbox is a very nice God Simulation game where you have a lot of tools at your disposal. Mostly destructive. It is really fun to create stories while playing it and try to create a balanced world, more than destroying everything and everyone just because you can. For the full version, it would be really awesome to also see more advanced empire constructions, like for instance castle walls around villages, which in my case would’ve really helped in the defense against the zombies!

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August 2021

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