REVIEW: Hell Yeah! Virtual Rabbit Missions

REVIEW: Hell Yeah! Virtual Rabbit Missions

A DLC featuring 50 short missions that require you to use your skills to complete. Some missions are just too difficult for a casual platformer game.

Released: Steam
Type: Single-player
Genre: Platformer, Shooter
Developer: Arkedo
Publisher: SEGA
Release date: 3 Oct, 2012


Do you remember the missions that are available in Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit (our review)? Hell Yeah! Virtual Rabbit Missions turns the whole mission feature into a full feature with this DLC, featuring 50 missions that are split across three difficulties.


The game still uses the same graphic style as the main game, featuring a cartoonish character in some sort of a cyberspace-like background. Blue walls are filling up the screen, with some additions from obstacles and enemies in 2D, cartoonish style, staying true to its “virtual” theme.

The Game


Fifty missions that are spread across three difficulties are available for you to play, each with a different focus. The easiest difficulty, Normal, is more varied, featuring most mission types from the main game: killing enemies, collecting coins, and reaching the goal – all of which must be done within the time limit. The next harder difficulty, Hard, is more focused on avoiding obstacles through your jumping skills to reach the goal while the hardest one, Devilish, focuses more on defeating enemies, whether it’s normal enemies or mini-bosses.

A lot of missions are available for you to choose from.

To be honest, I wasn’t fond of the missions in the main game due to the time limit, and this DLC makes it worse. All missions are done in increased difficulty, whether it’s the timer or the execution. The Hard missions, for example, requires you to jump between spikes and other hazards that can instantly kill you. It feels cheap and annoying at the same time, especially with the character that couldn’t stand still unless if you stop completely. The time that it took to restart the level is also too long that you will have to spend most of your time watching the animation until you can move.

Length and Difficulty

I finished all but 7 missions in 1.5h. Strangely, I found that the Hard missions to be the hardest with missions that require you to perform unbelievable tricks over and over. I couldn’t stand to finish the levels that require me to do these feats, especially with the instant deaths, so I ended up skipping most of them. In fact, I found that the hardest difficulty to be the easiest one, especially since you just need to blast the enemies away with your gun.

Some levels require you to perform seemingly-impossible tricks.

Strangely, although you will retain the same maximum health as the one in the main game, your gun upgrade doesn’t seem to do much. Enemies are so tanky that it takes more than one hit to defeat them and obstacles hit so hard that you can reduce your health to half in a single hit. It might be because the game tries to balance it out with first-timers, but the difference throws me off at first, especially since the same enemy that I could kill in one hit in the main game need more than one hit before it can be killed.


Intel Core i5-9300H 2.40GHz, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650


The DLC was a mixed bag for me. At first, I was slightly annoyed at the increased difficulty and struggled to finish some of the missions, which was made worse with the difficulty spike in Hard levels. However, the Devilish difficulty turns the game into an enjoyable one, staying true to the main game with the enemy killing. I wished the developers would just add some new zones and mini-bosses to kill as a DLC, but it seems that I was expecting too much. Since the game is quite expensive for the playtime it offers, especially with the difficulty on Hard levels, I’d rather not recommend this DLC for now.

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