ARTICLE: Limited Run Showcase, Devolver Direct, & Nintendo July Treehouse Recaps

ARTICLE: Limited Run Showcase, Devolver Direct, & Nintendo July Treehouse Recaps

Some mini recaps for anyone interested in getting their hands on physical releases, wondering what Devolver Digital is working on, and what Nintendo’s July Treehouse showcased.

Limited Run Showcase

Limited Run Games ran a showcase to announce confirmed games that they’ll be offering physical releases for. Here are the games that are getting limited physical releases by Limited Run Games and when you’ll be able to pre-order them:

Available Now:





  • XTreme Sports for Switch
  • Monkey Island: 30th Anniversary Collection for PC



Devolver Direct

Devolver Digital is back for their third year in producing a crazy video for their E3 slot, although this time its a Direct instead. I recommend watching their video as always, but if you just want to know the games they showcased, here you go:

  • Shadow Warrior 3, an offbeat shooter that blends fast-paced gunplay, sharp melee combat, and free running movement together, is coming out next year.
  • Fall Guys, a 60 player free-for-all struggle party game, will be coming to PS4 and Steam on August 4
  • Carrion, a reverse horror game where you take control of an amorphous creature of unknown origins, is arriving on Switch, XBox One, and PC July 23.
  • Olija, a game where you play as a man shipwrecked in a mysterious country with only a harpoon for defense, was announced and you can play the demo on Switch or Steam to tide you over until release.
  • Serious Sam 4 is coming to Steam and Stadia sometime in August.
  • Devolverland Expo is available now for you to explore an adabndoned convention center after the Devolver Digital game expo was mysteriously canceled.

Nintendo July Treehouse

Nintendo Treehouse also went live this month to showcase Paper Mario: The Origami King before everyone can get their hands on it as well as showing off the game Wayforward is working on. I don’t think anyone expected that Wayforward is working on a Bakugan game called Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia that will be released on November 3.

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