REVIEW: Verdun

Steam: Released

Author: RockstarCRO

Developer: M2H, Blackmill Games

Publisher: M2H, Blackmill Games


Release date: 28th April 2015

Type: Multi-player (Cross-platform included), Co-op

It’s rare I find a first person shooter I like as they sort of all seem similar to me. Although Verdun is simplistic with it’s guns (it is WW1), the terrain and the way they organized the classes is what makes this game very peculiar.

The setting is WW1. The battlefront is eastern France. It’s you and your squad trying to push the front lines. Well, only if you choose that game mode. Verdun boasts three game modes for the moment : front lines (where it’s a defend/advance territory tactic), offensive in which your constantly pushing back defenders to take control of new areas and lastly, last stand where you and a few other players have to hold back hordes of opposing players. The guns themselves are simplistic and depending whether you’re playing as an Entente soldier or Central powers soldier, will determine the type of guns you use. Some guns have more ammo than other guns but (speaking specifically about rifles) each gun is relatively the same. Each player is given a rifle and a pistol. The squad leader is stuck with a pistol and cannot holster a rifle. This player has binoculars instead. With this, the squad leader is able to tell the squad where to advance as well as launch mortar/artillery fire to his choosing. The class system is a little bit different in Verdun than other games. You are not actively allowed to jump from class to class as it may be occupied already by another player. This player has to accept your offer to switch classes. This is important as this game is highly based on team work. It is near impossible to advance or defend without the help of your team mates. Most of the guns offer a one-shot kill but head shots do count for extra points. Some classes even have some high powered machine guns if you rank up enough! I should also add there is a ranking system in place where after each match you will be given experience points to unlock further arsenals.

The maps/terrain are what really set apart this game from other shooters. You can’t simply start running and gunning. Everything is a calculated move and no-mans land is really dangerous. You never know whose peaking from their trench waiting to pick you off. You can however, move slowly and try to remain undetected. Moving slowly and moving with squad mates really increase your chances of winning. Some action players may not like this “look-then-move” strategy but it’s what really distinguishes the game. I’m a personal Halo fan and love the running-gunning-blowing up sort of stuff. This gives me a little break in that and also forces me to really work on my aim. It can be quite the thrill trying to advance and sneak behind enemy lines. Don’t go too far though or you may be killed by the game for staying out of the playable area. All basic controls are here. WASD provides for basic movement while the mouse let’s you point and shoot where you want. “G” throws a grenade (when you get one) while “V” is melee. I should add some grenades are gas grenades in which you will need to equip your mask to avoid further damage. A great feature in this game is the ability to crouch or prone when necessary. Space will stand you up or allow you to jump. Holding “shift” (or sprint) while aiming down your sights will make your player hold his breath for a better shot.

The graphics aren’t too bad at this stage. Their up there but I think they could do a little better. I have a brother (whose really into WW1/WW2) also mentioned some of the trenches are way too clean. I understand the game has to look neat to a point but some realism would be appreciated. I wouldn’t mind seeing mud being slapped up by a player as he’s running, or even mud pits that can slow players down. The sounds are okay at the moment and aren’t extremely immersive or over the top. The basic sounds are there but adding a few more things may take the player to another level. Hearing shots skimming over your head can’t be beat.

Overall, this game has some huge potential. I’ll be keeping an eye on it to see where it goes. I’m hoping down the line they add a few more perks and add a few more options for players to play with. I know it’s world war 1, but even adding a “radio” that let’s you “report” enemy positions may be cool! Luckily, there is a system now in place that takes care of this.

This game was reviewed by RockstarCRO, go and check his other reviews.

RATING : 70/10

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Dead Parrot
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