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REVIEW: Yeli Orog

Yeli Orog manages to create a short-but-immersive, realistic, Lovecraftian experience that brings to mind several of its classic peers. Though held back by two problematic puzzles, the game is presently being offered for free, easily making it an

REVIEW: Sumatra: Fate of Yandi

With a vintage point and click feel, exotic locale, and engaging story, Sumatra: Fate of Yandi is a welcome addition to the library of modern adventure games paying homage to the genre’s classic feel.

REVIEW: Paratopic

Dripping with Lynchian style and a captivating mood, Paratopic is a welcome new addition to the underrepresented genre of psychological horror in interactive storytelling. Though a quick game overall, the game’s hidden secrets and ambiguous

REVIEW: Drowning

A short, Drowning is a worthwhile walking simulator that’s both literally and figuratively a bit rough around the edges.

REVIEW: Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream is a generally strong point & click adventure game with an outstanding soundtrack and excellent art style. A well written core story and style reminiscent of Fran Bow drives the game forward, though the overall experience is muddied

REVIEW: The Dreamlands: Aisling’s Quest

The Dreamlands: Aisling’s Quest is a dreamlike, colorful point & click adventure game telling a short but respectable story in an interesting way. While die-hard fans of the point & click genre are likely to enjoy themselves, the

REVIEW: Unicorn Dungeon

Unicorn Dungeon is mostly a clever point & click adventure game, but one with a tedious dungeon area that you must survive repeatedly in order to advance the story. Though often quite funny, the hybrid game design and anachronistic graphics are



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