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REVIEW: Starpoint Gemini 3

Starpoint Gemini 3 ultimately proves to be a disappointing sequel for the franchise. Most iconic and loved gameplay elements have been butchered or removed, while the novelties prove to be mediocre or outright bad additions. Disastrous character

REVIEW: Horizon Zero Dawn (PC)

Guerrilla Games delivers a superb open world action adventure with exceptional levels of polishing, great content variety and masterfully designed mechanics. Despite a rocky launch plagued by technical issues, Horizon Zero Dawn is now in the best

REVIEW: Unto The End

An experimental adventure game with original gameplay design, that successfully delivers challenging combat alongside a charming, atmospheric world.

REVIEW: Beyond: Two Souls

From the makers of Heavy Rain a solid narrative adventure with good variety and believable characters, however held back by frustrating quick-time events.

REVIEW: Perilous Warp

A reasonably well done old-school FPS that cleverly introduces new-gen technology without losing the authentic feeling. FPS fans will feel at home with it, despite some flaws.

ARTICLE: Most anticipated games of 2020

According to the SoQ staff With only a few days left of this year, we are ready to take on a new year of games! Here are the most anticipated games that will (hopefully) come out in 2020, according to us. rgk: There are a few indie projects and mods



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