ARTICLE: Wholesome Games Snack Holiday Showcase

ARTICLE: Wholesome Games Snack Holiday Showcase

Another wholesome snack to tide us over!

As a total surprise, we got another Wholesome Direct and the games shown were:

  • Kitaria Fables
    An Action adventure RPG with farming elements, you’ll be plundering dungeons for relics and resources, tending to your farm to make provisions and potions, and taking on quests either alone or with a friend.
  • Venba
    A narrative cooking game where you’ll be playing as an Indian mom (Venba) who immigrates with her family to Canada during the 1980s. You’ll be cooking various Indian dishes, restoring lost recipes, hold conversations, and watch your family grow. This one still has time to simmer before releasing in November 2021.
  • Innchanted
    A co-op adventure where you’ll be serving otherworldly guests, pacify monsters, discover magical potions, and overcome your evil Wizard landlord. This will release sometime in 2021.
  • Clouzy
    Coming May 2021, you’ll be taking over a daycare for clouds, exploring the colorful world, collecting various items to cook, and solving puzzles.
  • Tracks of Thought
    A self-exploration game where you board a train filled with bugs, explore the different train cars, and talk with the other passengers in card-based conversations. There is no release window available yet.
  • Onsen Master
    Coming in Early 2021, you’ll be able to manage various hot springs across Izajima, create ingredients to match your customer’s ailments, reconnect the communities, and discover the supernatural world that they’ve been disconnected from.
  • Here Comes Niko!
    A 3D platformer for tired people, you’ll get to play as Niko to explore six different islands, make friends, help those that you come across, and solve puzzles. This has no release window yet.
  • Potion Permit
    After the Mayor’s daughter falls ill, you’re called into the town of Moonbury to aid any sick residents, diagnose symptoms, gather the ingredients needed, face off against monsters, and finally brew the remedies in your trusted cauldron. Though, you can go to the next step and build up your relationships with the townsfolk and improve the town. This is set to release sometime in 2021.
  • Cozy Grove
    Become a Spirit Scout as you camp and wander around a haunted, ever-changing island where you’ll be finding hidden secrets, help soothe ghosts, craft items, and bring back color to Cozy Grove.
  • Calico
    Available now, you’ll finally be able to build up your own cat cafe, befriend and interact with animals, bake some goods, and do magic with the help of potions.


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December 2020

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