ARTICLE: Wholesome Direct Recap

ARTICLE: Wholesome Direct Recap

More than 50+ wholesome games coming soon!

If you missed out on the Wholesome Direct or simply want the list of games that were showcased on the 26, you came to the right place. Most of the games announced are still in development and don’t have a solid release date yet.

  • Button City
    Inspired by 90’s kids movies, this game is about a group of friends trying everything to save their local arcade from shutting down in this colorful diorama-styled world. Coming out in 2020.
  • Errand Boy
    A story about the end of the world and how one small creature (Watt) acts on it as he tried to find meaning in himself. Will release in Q2 2021.
  • Ooblets
    A life simulation that combines elements of Stardew Valley and Pokemon. Will be coming in Early Access sometime soon this year.
  • Kind Words
    While Kind Words is already available, a new update has just released that adds a new room and 10 new stickers (with each having a corresponding decoration).
  • Snacko
    Farm, fish, and explore a seemingly deserted island to unravel it’s mysteries and rebuild a community. You can help them out over at their Kickstarter now and expect this to release next year.
  • Chicory: A Colorful Tale
    Play as Chicory’s number one fan as they go on an adventure to bring the world’s color back and find out what happened to Chicory.
  • The Spirit and the Mouse
    Play as a small, but courageous, mouse that helps troubled villagers the best she can after meeting a mysterious spirit. Set to come out sometime next year.
  • Spiritfarer
    Play as a ferry-master to the deceased as you explore the world, care for spirit friends, guide them across the seas, and release them into the afterlife. Will set sail later this year.
  • Sayri: The Beginning
    Team up with local creatures and use telekinetic abilities to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. Coming later this year.
  • Mondo Museum
    Do you miss going to museums or ever wanted to curate one yourself? Mondo Museum will let you do just that as it enters early access sometime this year.
  • Bird Alone
    Become best friends with a lonely bird and help tend a garden. Coming sometime this year.
  • Little Witch in the Woods
    Help Ellie become a full-fledged witch in this heartwarming life-sim. This is set to release in 2021.
  • TOEM
    A small adventure game where you take photos and help various communities. Releasing in early 2021.
  • Winding Worlds
    Help Willow’s friends heal and move on after a mysterious cosmic Wurm hires her in this puzzle adventure. Available now on Apple Arcade.
  • Toko Toko
    Solve puzzles with real world drawings to help Hako find other Tokotokos and become an artist. Available now on Apple Arcade.
  • When the Past was Around
    A point and click adventure game about love, loss, and all the joy and pain in between. Releasing sometime this year.
  • A Space for the Unbound
    Join two high school sweethearts in 1900s Indonesia investigating supernatural forces that is threatening their town. Releasing sometime next year.
  • Book of Travels
    A serene online multiplayer RPG that focuses on social roleplaying, exploration, and non-linear narratives. Launching this year in October.
  • Garden Story
    As a newly appointed village guardian, explore ways to help those around you, solve mysteries, and traverse a broken island. Releasing sometime this year.
  • Depanneur Nocturne
    A short, atmospheric exploration game about finding that perfect gift for your girlfriend. Available now on Steam.
  • Calico
    A community simulation game where you’re tasked with rebuilding the town’s cat café and filling it with cute creatures.
  • Rainy Season
    A story about spending time at home during a storm. Coming sometime this year.
  • Wayward Strand
    A heartfelt interactive story where you try to uncover the mysteries of an airborne hospital. Coming sometime this year.
  • Keywe
    A cute, co-op puzzler starring two kiwi birds working in a post office. Set to be mailed next year.
  • Tracks of Thought
    A self-exploration game where you discover where you belong while riding a train to an unknown destination. Will arrive in 2022.
  • Melon Journey 2
    Revisit a town full of adorable animals and tales of crime and corruption centered around melons. Arriving sometime this year.
  • Weaving Tides
    Explore textile landscapes, solve puzzles, and unravel the mystery of the past sometime this year.
  • A Fold Apart
    Explore a relationship that recently turned long distance where puzzles are solved by folding paper. This is out now.
  • SkateBird
    Ever wanted to be a bird? Ever daydreamed about skateboarding, but never took the time to learn or someone that doesn’t take the risk of doing tricks? Well, you can be both when this releases next year.
  • Unpacking
    Unpack a multitude of boxes in this zen puzzle game. Be ready to unpack this one next year.
  • Sylvan Meadows
    Keep an outpost running, make friends, and solve problems in this village simulation game with a touch of RPG elements.
  • Haven
    Play as two lovers as they try to survive on an unknown planet. Coming soon this year.
  • Tracks – The Train Set Game: Sci-Fi Pack
    Create railway systems, decorate a town, and transport commuting passengers now with a new Sci-Fi DLC.
  • Frogsong
    Make new friends, explore, and embark on a journey to find your place in the world as a frog. Coming sometime in 2022.
  • Later Daters
    As a new resident at Ye Olde retirement community, get ready to meet other seniors and possibly date one. This is out now.
  • Clouzy
    Fill the world with cute clouds and positive emotions in this farming game.
  • Creature Resort
    A resort management game where you take care of creatures all over the world.
  • Pushy and Pully in Blockland
    A colorful co-op arcade game where you solve challenging levels so you can recover your spaceship and escape Blockland. Out now.
  • Onsen Master
    A hot spring management game where you revitalize various onsens. Coming out later this year.
  • Old Friends Dog Sanctuary
    If you love dogs, you don’t want to miss this one when it releases sometime this year.
  • Critter Cove
    Become the captain of your ship in this seafaring adventure coming out next year
  • Roots of Pacha
    A co-op farming and life sim game set in the stone age set to release early next year.
  • A Monster’s Expedition
    A relaxing open world puzzle adventure where you play as a monster learning about humans. Coming out sometime this year.
  • The Other Side
    Navigate through this intricate world filled with mind bending puzzles as you try to help spirits reach the other side. Releasing sometime this year.
  • Battle Cakes: A Snack-Sized RPG
    Explore an enchanted kingdom packed with magic and mystery early next year.
  • Alchemic Cutie
    A relaxing RPG where you tame jellies, meet villagers, and uncover the secrets of Wimba Island. Releasing later this year.
  • Pekoe
    Make some tea for a countryside town full of cats.
  • Ollie-Oop
    Go on an adventure with this skateboarding dog looking for his friend. Set to release next year.
  • To The Rescue
    Start your job at a dog shelter where you take care of dogs and find them forever homes sometime next year.
  • Rolling Hills
    Open up your own sushi restaurant in a cozy village and maybe improve the lives of your neighbors in this life sim.
  • Himig
    Experience the calm, everyday moments as you make memories and find joy in the little things. Coming soon in September.
  • Orange Island
    Explore a pastel-hued island while uncovering past mysteries in this 8-bit action adventure game set to release sometime this year.
  • Misc.
    An adventure game starring two tiny beings made out of miscellaneous items.
  • Elliot & Ko
    Inspired by Paper Mario, explore soft, low-poly worlds with puzzles, interactive turn-based battles, and slice-of-life dialogue.
  • Hoa
    A platforming adventure game where you play through a hand-painted world inspired by Studio Ghibli where you make friends with magical creatures  and collect memory fragments to piece together the history of Hoa.

If you want to watch the 37 minute Wholesome Direct stream, you can watch it here:

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