ARTICLE: What Are The Most Popular Video Game Genres in 2020?

ARTICLE: What Are The Most Popular Video Game Genres in 2020?

Author: Claire Ward

When it comes to videogames – there are a lot of choices. Whether it’s racing, role-playing games, or puzzles, you can always find your particular little niche in the tech community. Now that we seem to have more time than ever to have a hobby, why not try out these popular genres? From casino games to the fighting, these are the most popular genres at the start of 2020.

Sports Games

Was there ever a time that sports games weren’t popular? They are the quintessential plug-in-and-play game that doesn’t require a lot of time and patience due to the lack of story. We have our favorites, like NFL and NHL, but perhaps of all the sports, football (soccer) remains the most popular. The FIFA franchise releases yearly, despite the tournament itself only being televised every 4th year, and remains the most purchased virtual sports game of all time. In addition to this, tennis and basketball are good contenders for the top spot. These games are designed to the exact specifications of the real-world sport, making them easy to play and follow.

Casino Games

Ever since the creation of the world wide web, casino games have been insanely popular for the community they’ve spawned through their chat function. Poker is still one of the more well-liked games, with blackjack and slots bringing up the rear. Now, plenty of casino websites, like Casumo Casino, offer live dealers who give the look and feel of being in a brick and mortar establishment. Not only can you brush up your card skills while in the comfort of your home, but you can also take their apps on the go while making a few dollars in the process.

Role-Playing Games

Single-player RPGs have made a massive comeback as of the last decade. Breakout hits like Persona 5, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and Kingdom Hearts III were loved by both their original fan bases and new adopters. In 2020, this trend is sure to follow with releases like CyberPunk 2077 on the horizon, and the already released Final Fantasy 7 remake and Persona 5 Royal Edition. Besides assuming the role of an already establish fictional character, many games allow you to create your own like in the hit MMORPG WOW, and popular MMO Final Fantasy 14. Playing an online RPG is the perfect way to make new friends and a fun community if you’re looking for one!

Simulation Games

Many would say that simulation games have gone a little too far in the past decade, but we beg to differ. Although the phenomena likely started with SimCity, and later The Sims, if you look hard enough, you can probably find a simulation game for any occupation – even your own. Have you ever wanted to be a fast-food employee? Try Job Simulator. What about a farmhand? There’s a Farming Simulator for people like you. You can even be a flying, semi-intelligent goat with a large tongue if you want. Or, if you’re going to go the “normal” route, you can always try a dancing simulator instead. No matter what you pick, hours of fun can be had in this genre.

Fighting Games

Have you ever heard of EVO? This massive, fighting game based tournament attracts thousands of players and spectators yearly for an ultimate monetary prize. You have to be really good even to be considered, but the rewards are ten-fold if you manage to succeed. If you want to try your hand at fighting games, there are many to choose from, with the new Streets of Rage releasing this year. It’s best to start with one game and get really good at it to be competitive, but if you just want to have fun with your friends, we recommend Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate. Or, give these more difficult to master games a try: Dragon Ball FighterZ, Guilty Gear, or Marvel VS. Capcom.

Racing Games

There haven’t been a lot of notable racing game releases that took the last decade by storm, besides Gran Turismo, but we think it will make a huge comeback in 2020. Not only are racing games competitive and satisfying to beat, but they make customizing your car and character fun. Racing games aren’t just limited to cars; there are also fun horse racing and swimming games that take this genre to the next level. A lot of games, like GTAV, have a racing component as well, with multiple user-generated content to try out.

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