PREVIEW: Rhythmic Retro Racer

PREVIEW: Rhythmic Retro Racer

Rhythmic Retro Racer is a rhythm game that doesn’t do anything all that unique to the genre, and as of right now, other games have done it better.

Released: Steam Early Access
Type: Single-player
Genre: Racing, Rhythm
Developer: Berzah Games
Publisher: Berzah Games
Release date: 11 March, 2019


Rhythmic Retro Racer is an indie rhythm game that’s currently making its way through Steam Early Access. It’s a visually impressive game in certain courses but it’s still in need of a little polish, which is understandable since it’s an early access game. Do read on if you think it might be up your alley.

This screenshot features the Time Challenge mode where you control the vehicle yourself and race through checkpoints till you reach the end.

Game Modes

Rhythmic Retro Racer features a few different game modes to choose from, but you don’t get to freely choose a map and game mode. Instead, the game mode is tied to the level that you choose to play. There are 3 major game modes available, Rhythm, Free Ride, and Time Challenge. Rhythm mode is played like any rhythm game, you must dodge obstacles, and collect orbs to earn points. If you hit 3 obstacles it’s game over and you’ll need to restart. Freeride hasn’t been released as of writing this, but it’ll be a zen type mode allowing you to infinitely drive on a course. Time challenge is more or less a time trial game mode where you must race through checkpoints while dodging obstacles. Pretty standard fare for a racing game/rhythm game.

This is the Volcano level within the game which has a Rhythm setup, except you’re dodging incoming blocks from behind.


The game currently features 6 levels but will expand to 10 levels in the future. Each level has its unique theme and game mode attached to it. Some are more difficult than others and each looks quite impressive especially the more futuristic-looking ones. Levels include Cyberpunk Free Ride, Volcano, Futurama, Mystic Night Drive, Abstractum and Highway Escape.

Another Rhythm-based course in the game.


To be honest, I’m not too impressed with this game as of right now. I’ve played other vehicle-based rhythm games that were far more fun to play and the only thing this game has going for it is the visuals, and some of the levels, like the Volcano one, weren’t that impressive to look at either. I wasn’t a big fan of the soundtrack either and felt like your average synth-based soundtrack that most other rhythm games utilize. As of right now, there isn’t a whole lot that this game does that others haven’t already done before (But better). I do wish the developer luck in their endeavours though, it’s still in development so it could improve quite a bit moving forward but as of right now, I’m not a fan yet.

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