NEWS: Ascending Madness To Be Released Aug 8


NEWS: Ascending Madness To Be Released Aug 8

Moxie Game Studio’s psychedelic, twin-stick shooter released August 8

Steam: Upcoming
Type: Single-player
Genre: Twin-Stick Shooter
Developer: Moxie Game Studio
Publisher: Moxie Game Studio
Release date: 8 Aug, 2018

Ascending Madness is a hardcore, psychedelic, twin-stick shooter featuring a colorful, gritty art style alongside 70’s inspired rock music in a surreal, mind altering adventure. Graceful movement and intelligent weapon selection are your most important skills for survival.

We hope to bring you a SoQ review soon!


  • Fast Combat Across Diverse Arenas
  • Waves of Bizarre Monstrosities
  • Eight Types of Futuristic Weaponary, like the ‘Flame Sword’, ‘Sniper Laser’, and ‘Pulverizer’
  • Story Mode Involving the Psychedelic, the Spiritual, and the Surreal
  • Challenge Mode to Compete for High Scores and Prove you are a Mad SOB
  • Colorful and Gritty Art Style
  • The Meaning of Life

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