REVIEW: Kelvin and the Infamous Machine

REVIEW: Kelvin and the Infamous Machine

Kelvin and the Infamous Machine is an adventure point-and-click game featuring a great story, fun dialogues and time travel.

Steam: Released

Developer:  Blyts

Publisher: Blyts

Genre:  Point and Click Adventure

Release date: 21 Jul, 2016

Type: Single Player


What is happening in the game:

You play as Kelvin, a research assistant helping Dr. Lupin, who went nuts. Now, you have to stop him from changing the history by preventing some of the greatest minds from creating their most known works. You will help Ludwig van Beethoven, Isaac Newton and Leonardo da Vinci while having a lot of fun, too.

  • Story | The story is very well-written, it’s very interesting and easy to follow. It features a mad scientist who is about to erase some of the most important things in the history of the human kind, which could possibly destroy the whole timeline. I really like how the story uses real-life events and creations and wraps some science fiction around it. The famous people who are shown in this game are also quite similar to their real-life appearance and personalities.
  • Humour | I didn’t know that this would be the case before playing the game, but I did laugh quite a few times over the course of the gameplay. Kelvin is honestly a very likeable character and his conversations with other characters can often be funny to read. There are also some Easter Eggs and references hidden in this game, which is also great if you manage to spot any.
  • Visuals | The game looks very good and very cute. Everything is hand-drawn and the artist did a very good job. Everything is very clear and colourful, charming and even kind of wallpaper-ready. Animations are not the best in the world, but they are still enjoyable.

  • Puzzles | Puzzles are very enjoyable, they are not very hard but they are also not very simple. They tend to get a bit more difficult as the game goes on. I like that you don’t have a massive amount of items to combine (Deponia should learn something from this game) so this game is not just combining everything with everything in every possible way. Puzzles are usually quite clever and sometimes they made me chuckle a bit, too.
  • Achievements | There are a lot of achievements, some of which can be obtained by doing specific actions, often combined with an Easter Egg of some kind. Those achievements not only encourage you to pay more attention to the game itself, but even add some replayability value in case you missed any. There is also a guide on Steam in case you get stuck with any of the achievements.
  • Voice Acting | Voice acting in this game is, in my opinion, way above my expectations. Kelvin sounds like a really fun person and all the other characters match their looks, which is for some people very important.
  • Soundtrack | The soundtrack is another good thing about this game. There are 12 different tracks in this game and they are all a perfect match for this game. If you want to do so, you can also buy the soundtrack on Steam as a DLC together with an artbook for €5/$5.
  • OS Compatibility | You can play as Kelvin on Windows, SteamOS and MacOS. As I’ve heard, all versions work flawlessly.

  • Length | Some people could say that a bit over 4 hours is not enough for an adventure game. Personally, I wasn’t too bothered by this, but I know some people sometimes expect a lot more gameplay, so I just thought I would mention this.
  • No Steam Cloud Support | Sadly, your progress will be lost if you reinstall your operating system or if you try to continue your game on another computer. As of now, Kelvin and the Infamous Machine does not support cloud saving and it’s really a shame that it doesn’t.
  • Settings | You can’t change many things in the settings. You can’t really pick the desired resolution, also there are not any options for graphic quality. I didn’t find it too annoying, but someone might just want to run it on a computer bad enough not to be able to play the game without lagging.

The final verdict:

Overall, the game is very very good. It’s one of the most enjoyable point and click adventure games I’ve ever played and I’m certainly hoping for more games from the same studio. There wasn’t a single problem during my gameplay and if you check reviews on the Steam page, you will see that everybody had the same experience. The game is good-looking, charming, entertaining, has good puzzles and great voice acting. There are places to laugh as well, which is very important to me.
Although the game is a bit short, it’s most definitely worth buying if you’re a fan of P’n’C type of games. I can’t do anything but recommend this game.

RATING: 87/100

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October 2016

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