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REVIEW: Shrouded in Sanity

At 1987 in Britain, our Hero is forced to sign a pact fresh from the grave in the game’s quick intro sequence. You can choose not to sign it, but that won’t get you far in the game. After a brief tutorial that you can choose to skip, you

REVIEW: Bullshot

With its logo and style, Bullshot looks like an escaped Pig Cop from Duke Nukem. Except that he is a bull, and trying to save his species by committing a genocide on the nasty aliens enslaving them!

REVIEW: Carmageddon: Max Damage

Carmageddon: Max Damage is developed and published by Stainless Games Ltd. Industry veterans and quite ironically, better known in recent years for their video games focusing on Magic: The Gathering. That card game genre alone, is a far cry from

REVIEW: Planet Explorers

How many of you have ever had the pleasure of driving your own vehicle? Ever forget to check your blind spot? In any case, most of the time I’m sure nothing bad will happen if you do forget to check it. Times change though! In this instance the

REVIEW: Megalo Polis

Megalo Polis is funny… At first. Then, the repetitive gameplay and the grating, squeaky voices of the ridiculous, bobble-headed candidates drags down the whole experience. If the “strategy” tag on this game appealed to you, you’ll be sorely

REVIEW: Beglitched

With it’s bizarre presentation, delicate but surprisingly engaging gameplay, Beglitched turns the match-three genre into a strange adventure about the insecurities of our computers and most importantly, ourselves. Does it hold up as a bizarre game

REVIEW: Clockwork

Clockwork is a steampunk style puzzle-platformer made by Gamesoft, as their debut title. In a lot of ways it reminds me of Teslagrad, another game with a similar aesthetic (which I would recommend) – it also had hand-drawn art like Clockwork

REVIEW: The Last Blade

If you grew up during the late ’90s, early 2000s, then the name SNK has little to no bearing on you as much as other fighting-game names—and that’s a damn shame. History has often forgotten gems not because they lacked quality but they

REVIEW: Talent Not Included

Talent Not Included is a tough platformer set on an ever changing stage in a drama. Does it reach for the stars or flops worse than any other act out there, let’s find out:



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