REVIEW: Good Robot

Steam: Released

Developer: Pyrodactyl

Publisher:  Pyrodactyl

Genre: Fast-paced, Roguelite, Shoot ’em up

Release date: 5th April 2016

Type: Single–player

Good Robot is an in die roguelike action game with cute graphics and a lot of content.

What is happening in the game:

You play as the Good Robot the only good thing left on Earth. All the other robots became bad and it’s up to you to defeat them all. While doing that, you must of course also be careful that you don’t end up dead yourself.

  • Graphics | As you can see from the screenshots on this game’s Store page, the game looks very nice and colourful. There are a lot of effects every time you do something and it all just goes together to create a pleasant experience.
  • Controls | I like the controls very much and the robot is also quite pleasant to control. It moves with ease and is very responsive for player’s input. This really helps when you’re trying to evade enemy’s bullets. The controls are intuitive and you’ll learn them in no time. This enables you to enjoy the game straight away instead of having to learn controls and spend an hour just on that.
  • Soundtrack | The music is certainly awesome, which adds to the overall mood of the game. Electronic music goes very well with action games and the music is good even for listening to it without playing a game at the same time. For that reason, there is also a soundtrack DLC available here.
  • Weapons | During the game, you have the chance to get a few different weapons. Although it’s a bit unclear what the weapon is before picking it out, this can be easily forgiven as there are quite a few different weapons and they are quite diverse. Some make explosions, some bounce around, some shoot very fast and some shoot slow. And some of them are just something in-between. In other words, there is surely something that fits your preferred style of shooting.
  • Replayability | There is a lot of replayability value in this game. As I said, there are a lot of different weapons, waiting to be tried out and you can also try getting more achievements. The game itself is pretty fun and it doesn’t stop being fun even after several playthroughs. There are also a few different tactics you can try out such as rushing through the levels just to make it through without necessary fights or kill every single enemy to get as much money as possible. The choice is yours and it certainly is interesting to see how both of those options influence the gameplay.
  • Performance | The performance of this game if very good, even though there are a lot of effects, which usually decrease the overall performance. This, however, is not the case in this game. The performance was very stable at all times, which left a very positive feeling after playing it for some time. There were no crashes, no FPS drops, the game uses very few system resources, which means that there was a lot of time spent on preventing bugs and on optimizing performance, which is a very good thing, as you might imagine.
  • Achievements | There are quite some achievements in this game and I like how they’re equally distributed in terms of difficulty. Some are very easy, some are not so easy, some are so-so, some are hard, some are very hard. You get the idea. The point is that it encourages the player to improve, which is, in my opinion, what the achievements are all about. Well, that’s at least one of the possible purposes. Oh, and the achievements look quite nice.
  • Steam Integration | Apart from the Achievements, there are also Trading Cards, Steam Cloud support, Steam Leaderboards and some other things. Just as it should be.

  • Windows Only | So, this game only supports Windows for now. I hope to see SteamOS and MacOS support in near future, as we don’t want only Windows gamers to be able to save the Earth!
  • Menu and HUD Appearance | The overall appearance of the main menu (which is the first thing you see when you open the game) is just … meh. It looks kind of cheap, in my opinion. It could use some improvement. Same goes for other menus and indicators in-game.
  • Story | Well, there isn’t much story included in the gameplay. I would love to see some cutscenes, maybe some voice acting, things like that. Although the game was fine gameplay-wise, there was indeed something missing that most other games have: a clear purpose of the game that you’re being reminded of every once in a while.

The final verdict:

The game is certainly made well and it shows that a lot of time was put into it. The graphics are pretty good and the controls are enjoyable as well. The performance of this game is very good as the game has been stable all the time without any FPS drops and things like that. Since this is a roguelike game, replayability is expected and this game certainly has that. There are some minor problems, but if you love shooters and action games, this game is worth putting on your wishlist and buying it, if you think you might like it.

RATING: 79/100

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May 2016

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