Name: BOID

Genre: Indie multiplayer strategy

Developer: Mokus Games

Publisher: Tiny Build Games

Type: Single player (bots), multiplayer (1v1)

BOID is an RTS about a Bio Organic Infestation Drone which crashlands on a planet, enabling its primitive life forms to mutate and develop special abilities. These life forms now have to fight for dominance. It’s a game about quick decisions and mutation. A simplified multiplayer RTS.

I had this game for a few days on my Steam account before trying it. All that time didn’t know anything about the game, except the official description of the game (read paragraph above). First of all I was very surprised with player base in the game. The highest number of players online was maybe 10. I think, that number never got higher while I was online and because of that it was very hard to find anyone and I had fear that I will not be able to review game, luckily I played few matches against “real people” and I was amazed with the game and surprised at the same time.

The game is fabulous, the concept and how everything works. You control red or green team of underwater units. There are 8 different types of units.


  • Basic – you start the game with this unit and they are most used to convert to other type of unit, but they are not bad for attacks too
  • Crab – slowest and deadliest unit
  • Scout – as the name says, they are best in scouting. they have 100 attack points, but I think they are much weaker
  • Gun – ranged unit, it has laser to shoot from distance
  • Bomb – when triggered, kills everything around itself, even your own units
  • Venom – another ranged unit, shoots poison and slowly kills enemy
  • Medic – only non-attacking unit in the game, they heal other units
  • Leech – supportive unit, slow and defenseless, but they can immobilize the enemy and kill him slowly

Beside units, there are three special:

  • Freeze – freezes units
  • Clear – converts any type of unit back to basic unit
  • Teleport – teleport any unit to any point on the map


  • Gun turret – lots of health, but can’t be renewed after destroying
  • Units turret – can be renewed after cooldown

The reason why I wrote all of the above is only that to show you how is the game diverse. This is 1 vs 1 multiplayer with 21 maps available. Everytime you start a quick match, game will randomly choose map for you, later when you want to rematch, you can choose any map if opponent agrees. You can play custom game (where you choose map from the start) or invite friends too. Every map has different content of bases, specials and turrets. You’ll not find map with same type or number of bases. For every map you need to create new strategy and that’s fantastic and what I like about this game. You need to think and always have a backup plan. You start with basic unit (6 or 7 of them) from that point it’s up to you, will you takeover base with scouts or crabs or base with basic units. Game is very fast-paced, you need to think fast and same thing as with Space Hulk, there is no place for mistakes, of course if you’re not playing against “weaker” opponent. If you play against bots, you can choose from easy, normal to hardest difficulty. Think fast, that’s my tip to you.

Game graphics are neat, beautiful and nice. For a 2D game it’s fine and I like the active background. Music and sound effects are great too. I think this game has good potential to become a competitive game. Maybe not esport game (it has potential for that by my opinion), but certainly there can be some tournaments organised.

Too bad only few people on the world plays this game. As I was writing this review only seven people were online. I don’t know whats the reason for such a small player base. Bad marketing? People not interested or developers just gave away too small amount of keys, maybe they should invite more people or I am the only one who really enjoys playing this game and who is positively surprised about this game. All in all this game definitely deserve to be played by far more people than it’s now. This is not a big game, this is small and simple game. You have 8 different units, three specials and two turrets, what do you want more from the game? If game gets more complicated than is now, that would kill all the funabout this game. I like Boid, cause it’s simple, fast-paced and I have a lot of fun no matter am I losing or winning. This game even relax me sometimes, I mean who wouldn’t want to play game like this one.

My conclusion is that this is amazing, great game, fast-paced and very competitive. I recommend Boid to everyone, give it a try, you’ll not regret. I will never probably understand why this game isn’t popular and hopefully developers will not give up from the game, I hope they will continue with developing and we’ll see a lot of new stuff in the game. For example replays and map editor are still not available, but you can find it on main menu. People common, this game deserves much more!

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Lost Child
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    • We know, but still, such an amazing game and so small player base. There are a lot of games in closed beta that has much more players, but I hope as I wrote in review that more and more people will start playing this game, cause I love it and I hate when I can’t find someone to play against him, I don’t want to play against bots. Keep up the good work 😉



November 2014

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