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REVIEW: Mechanism

A unique puzzle game about a robot in a ruined world infected with the mysterious “Phlegm” that raises more questions then it answers, and it is filled with bugs.


REVIEW: Distraint

Steam: Released Developer: Jesse Makkonen Publisher: Jesse Makkonen Genre: 2D psychological horror adventure Release date: 21th October 2015 Type: Single-player Distraint is psychological horror adventure game with very powerful moments of sadness and terror. I can say with confidence that this is one of […]


REVIEW: The Park

Steam: Released Developer: Funcom Publisher: Funcom Genre: Adventure, Horror Release date: 27th October 2015 After a really long time, I have decided to try and play a horror game. I don’t fancy them, not because I am scared of them, it’s because I don’t get […]