ARTICLE: Digging through Steam (March 2021)
Digging through Steam with Quirky

ARTICLE: Digging through Steam (March 2021)

March is slowly marching it’s way out, leaving us with wonderful month long observances such as National Celery and National Frozen Food month in the U.S. and some lovely date specific holidays, like the National Festival of Trees held every third wednesday of March in the Netherlands and World Speech Day, honoured on the 15th. There is no such thing as National Steam day, unless you count the Science, Technology , Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) day on 8th November in the U.S., but let’s celebrate Steam in March anyway with some winsome new arrivals, now available for your perusal on the Steam store.

P.S. Waiting for all the games to be relased, this article was postponed to the end of March and is brought to you by Steam Community Reviews. Your source of tried, tested and true memes reviews from digital pens of gamers around the world.

Loop Hero

Loop Hero
Release Date: 4th March, 2021
Steam | GOG | Epic
Current rating: Very positive (94% positive, 14.010 reviews)

“Addicting. Had to be removed from the keyboard with force but my evasion was high so it took them a few loops.”
“more like poop hero HAHAHAHAHHA. Its also a really good game.”
“Finally a game that automates that boring dungeon crawling stuff so I can do landscape design in peace.”
“its a deck building reverse tower defense rougelite autobattler and IT GOOD”
“Quick question: Can I sue the developer of this game if I lose my job?”
“This game is an utterly joyless grind. After 15 hours I am seriously considering my life choices.”

Plasticalypse – Submarine Adventures

Plasticalypse - Submarine Adventures
Release Date: 4th March, 2021
Current rating: Early Access (not many reviews)

“Has potential in the future! 🙂 Sub controls are smooth af”
“Awesome atmosphere and has great potential to become a thrilling post apocalyptic game with original idea. Very stable for an early release. I can’t wait for improved NPC’s and other exiting news. For this price it is almost a steal!”
“Pior jogo do século, pronto resumi… (rough translation from Portuguese, “Worst game of the century. Done, I reviewed it…)”


Release Date: 12th March, 2021
Steam | Epic
Current rating: Very positive (94% positive, 68 reviews)

“Life is like a tube of toothpaste. When you’ve used all the toothpaste down to the last squeeze, that’s when you’ve really lived. Live with all your might, and struggle as long as you have life.” – FlyinPoulpus, 1866″
“To put it simply, it’s basically a rythm game where you can choose what button to press. Also genocide.”
“This game is what any Samurai Jack game could ever wish to be. Incredible gameplay, beautiful art style, perfect and smooth execution and overall one of the most fun games to have come out this year. An early GOTY contender for me!”
“fantastic and cool and awesome and fun and gory and funny and enjoyable. this is my official review of this game play it now”
“M U R D E R .”
“This game is so ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ cool.”


Release Date: 16th March, 2021
Current rating: Very positive (87% positive, 81 reviews)

“I like to take my Prozac and zone out looking at this game on my screen as I think about all the bad things in my life. 10/10 Mutant fish farm”
“this game is genuinely amazing and although the phish models are questionable at first I would consider this amazing on every front”
“All of my fish look like the somehow survived Chernobyl. I love it.”
“If you’ve ever found yourself fascinated with just watching bugs, animals, or fish go about their day, then this game is for you!”
“WHERE ARE THE CRUSTACEANS? Said in demo crustaceans would be in full. Negative until crustacean.”
“Too complicated. Can’t delete. Wasted my money.”

Mr. Prepper

Mr Prepper
Release Date: 18th March, 2021
Current rating: Very positive (83% positive, 1132 reviews)

“Good value for the money. The Devs are responsive. Will keep you occupied for a day or two.”
“Living in Murricaville almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.”
“The Fallout Shelter Game didn’t ask for but deserve. Bethesda take notes please.”
“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then they die because of nuke and you survive thanks to your shelter. – Mahatma Prepper PS. Awesome game :)”
“Plays like a slower, clumsier, more casual, inch-deep ‘This War of Mine’.”
“I had thought Stardew Valley was Therapeutic; Until Mr. Prepper came into my life.”
“Mr. Painal”
“Cool concept and great theme but really poorly executed. Lost interest in minutes.”
“Sofa could fit inside a mailbox.”

Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace

Arkham Horror Mother's Embrace
Release Date: 23th March, 2021
Steam | GOG
Current rating: Mixed (62% positive, 195 reviews)

“Long story short: They used to have a team creating the exact mansion of madness. But then the company had a crisis and fired all the team. It then threw the game to another small developer to make it for them. But that didn’t work out also. So they just made a whole new team to finish the game in whatever state it was in. That’s why we have a very short non replayable game here folks!”
“I always love Lovecraft elements games, because the Lovecraft means makes everyone pressure – characters in game and player. But this game is….. all L can say is Lazy, very very very lazy.”
“I am speechless with this game…In conclusion, I can not recommend this game even to Cthulhu freaks like me.
“good game wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea but its mine, i do recommend playing it for yourself it is fun, it does have a good story so far, decent combat, and alright graphics. fans of h.p lovecraft will enjoy this hopefully.”
“OR How to make compelling game that requires you make a sanity check whenever touching the games GUI”
“Short version: the game felt shallow, capricious, and plodding. Requested a refund.”
“DO NOT BUY! If you are not Arkham Horror / Cthulhu mythos fan.”

Black Legend

Black Legend
Release Date: 23th March, 2021
Steam | GOG
Current rating: Mixed (46% positive, 28 reviews)

“Very fun game! Specially with so many few tactics games in the XVII Century. It has Mordheim vibes! And will probably get better with a few patches!”
“Short, Short Version: Broken and repetitive.”
“Why my mercenary team consists of 3 grannies? Grandma fighter, grandma sniper and grandma rogue – way to absolutely destroy the game from the first second.”
“I see rogues, I see shanky wanky Rogues go stabby stabby? 10/10”
“The bite sound effect for dogs and the weird hound like monsters literally sounds like somebody taking a bite of a potato chip… Are you serious? Out of all the free places online to get royalty free sound effects… This is what was settled for. Yikes. I won’t refund this for this purpose. Use my $30 to buy a new bite sound. For the love of god……………………………………………………………………………………………..”
“If you like “XCOM-likes,” then this is right up your alley. While flawed, Black Legend is incredibly impressive for something done by such a small team. The world is interesting, the atmosphere and music are on point, and the characters are fun.”

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