REVIEW: Lovers ‘ Smiles

A short and fun puzzle game where you move 2 smilies next to each other through drawing.

Released: Steam
Type: Single-player
Genre: Puzzle
Developer: S’Games
Publisher: Lucky Games
Release date: 2 Nov, 2018


Can you meet two separated lovers to each other? Lovers ‘ Smiles challenges you with a puzzle game where you have to move two smilies next to each other with your drawing. The game has 100 levels in total.


The graphics remind me of flash games that I used to play in the past – everything looks simple and easy to understand. Most functionalities are depicted through icons, making them cleaner to look at.

The Game


The game’s objective is simple: you must move 2 smilies towards each other. This can be achieved by drawing some objects – you can draw a triangle before a smiley lands on the ground to speed up its movement or draw a vertical line while it’s stopped to force it to move. Your imagination and creativity will be put to the test as the game lets you draw anything with your mouse. You can’t touch any objects nor the ground while you draw though, since your drawing will be materialized right after.

You can draw any shapes that you want.

Every object that you have drawn will follow the law of gravity. You need to make sure they are still on the screen while serving their purpose, whether it’s to move the smilies or making sure they won’t fall. The game offers a quick reload button that can be accessed from the top right corner whenever you mess up.

Levels and Difficulty

The game has 100 levels in total. New obstacles will be introduced after you cleared some levels, increasing the difficulty. That being said, although you still need to do some thinking to solve the levels, the game isn’t hard to begin with. If you somehow are having trouble solving the levels, the game offers 100 hints, which is the actual solution, that you can use whenever you need it. The length is perfect for me to play in one sitting before I burned out from all the thinking.


The game’s performance isn’t dropped at all when I played the game. There isn’t a major problem in the game except for the direction of the conveyor belt, one of the obstacles introduced in the game, which is never shown before you start the level. The game is paused before you draw an object since some levels have smilies placed above the ground or conveyor belts, allowing you to use your recently-drawn object to react to the movement right away. However, I needed to replay the game at least once to figure out the conveyor belt’s direction whenever it’s one in the level because of this.


Intel Core i5-9300H 2.40GHz, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650


The simple design works perfectly to the game’s nature while puzzles are fun to solve. Despite it having the same quality as flash games, which is usually free, it’s still cheap enough to justify the price. However, the game is very short so you might want to take that into account before buying the game.

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