ARTICLE: Gamescom Awesome Indie Showcase Recap

ARTICLE: Gamescom Awesome Indie Showcase Recap

Most games here were surprisingly ones that haven’t been making the rounds on all other game showcases

With the last game showcase featured on Gamescom, I’m sure you’ll like a recap to see all the future games that were featured here, without having to deal with the commercials put in by IGN and the banter with the hosts. Here are the games that were showed that are coming out in the future:

  • Lab Rat
    A hand-crafted narrative puzzler featuring a satirical adventure starring a metrics-obsessed AI who is monitoring, profiling, and taunting you as you progress through 80+ puzzles.
  • The Last Spell
    Lead a team of hardened heroes to defend the last bastion of humanity against hordes of monsters in this turn-based tactical RPG with roguelite mechanics.
  • Skul: The Hero Slayer
    Gearing up to leave early access, you’ll guide Skul on his quest to singe-handedly take on the Imperial Army to rescue his King from captivity.
  • Spinch
    Transcend the material realm and assume your form as Spinch on their quest to resure a litter of his offspring in this psychedelic platformer.
  • Gone Viral
    An over-the-top action game with roguelite elements where you fight for your life in a prison arena meant to entertain the audience. Add kills to your count as you plan your escape.
  • Paradise Lost
    Discover the mysteries of the underground city hidden in an abandoned Nazi bunker where Slavic mythology mixes with unusual technology.
  • Terror Squid
    You’ll have to think fast as you weave through a bullet hell of you’re own making.
  • Aerial_Knights Never Yield
    Get ready to survive a futuristic Tokyo style Detroid on February 3 2021 that tells the story of Waly who has uncovered the evidence that can change the city forever.
  • Adventures of Chris
    Join Chris on his 90s inspired adventure platformer where you help a chubby underdog with wacky superpowers save the world.
  • Out of Place
    Help Simon prove himself in the mysterious world of Mithem so he can find his way back home and restore a war-scarred world.
  • Blade Assault
    A 2D roguelite platformer set in a desolate sci-fi world where you fight against the corrupt military of Esperanza to justice.
  • Exo One
    Journey through space and time where you’ll be able to drift and flow across desolate alien landscapes using a gravity-based movement system.
  • Space Crew
    Out on October 15, you’ll have to eliminate the extraterrestrial threat to defend Earth and boldly go where no Crew has gone before.
  • Tamarin
    Releasing on September 10, you’ll have to explore, leap, and shoot your way to save your family from an insect invasion. Play as a tamarin as you explore the Northern wilderness.
  • City of Gangsters
    A mafia management sim where you’ll be able to start a crime syndicate, speakeasies, and illegal disteries; manage production chains and resource distribution; smuggle goods and bride the police; and eliminate the competition to keep your hold on the city.
  • Endling: Extinction is Forever
    As the last mother fox, you must keep you and your cubs alive and reach the only place where humans won’t be able to harm your family. There is a demo available now.
  • The Riftbreaker
    A base building survival game with action-RPG elements thrown in where you play as an elite scientist commando inside a mecha suit.
  • Gamedec
    A single player cyberpunk isometric RPG where you’re a game detective who solves crimes inside virtual worlds. While the game has a loose release date of this year, a Switch port has been revealed and is expected to release about a year after PC.
  • White Shadows
    Help Ravengirl escape a dark, absurd world to the revolutionaries hidden deep in the belly of the last city of Earth.
  • Grime
    A fast and unforgiving action adventure where you crush your foes with living weapons that mutate form and duction and then consume their remains to strengthen your vessel.
  • Ghostrunner
    Offering an unique experience featuring fast-paced violent combat, you’ll climb Dharma Tower to confront the tyrannical Keymaster for revenge as the streets below are full of violence.
  • Wanderboy: Asha in Monster World
    Involved in a serious incident that will affect the survival of her world once again, Asha will be joined by a blue Pepelogoo to save the world and become the heroes the world needs them to be.
  • Aeon Drive
    A speedrun action platformer where you play as Jackelyn who so happens to wield a teleporting dagger, a sword, and a unique ability to control time. You must retrieve the faulty pieces of dimension-bending machinery to preserve space-time.
  • A Juggler’s Tale
    Lead a string puppet named Abby through a 3D adventure riddled with riddles, traps, and pursuers that want to take away your freedom.
  • OstraNauts
    Coming out September 10, you’ll finally be able to play a noir life sim set on a spaceship in a solar system cut-off from a ravaged Earth. Good luck at managing your dysfunctional crew and ship as you fend off bankruptcy.


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