Archive: March 2019

PREVIEW: Wildermyth

Do you yearn for Adventure? From humble farmer origins to mighty warriors. Let your legend be written in the blood of your foes. Enter the tactical fray of the Yondering Lands

REVIEW: X4: Foundations

Do you ever feel you are sort of stuck in a rut as you breathe in the fumes of a dozen or so vehicles idling at the stop-light ahead of you? Sometimes I wish that our technology was a little more advanced and that I possessed my own personal

REVIEW: Dick Wilde 2 (VR)

Breaking NEWS… Five foot tall Rat rides a Ferocious Gator, “not ta-day” says this Florida man! Watch as he takes on a horde of toxic mutated monstrosities alone, more after the break

REVIEW: Spinnortality

As unexpectedly addictive as it is unapologetically cynical, Spinnortality is like a world-dominating love-child born from the capitalistic orgy of Mad Med, Wolf of Wall Street, 1984, and Excel.

REVIEW: Burden

Burden was only in Steam’s Early Access for a relatively short time, which is a shame. It could have been so much better!



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