NEWS: KORG Gadget for Nintendo Switch to be released April 26th, 2018


NEWS: KORG Gadget for Nintendo Switch to be released April 26th, 2018

Be the DJ you always wanted to be using the Nintendo Switch.

KORG announced a new Nintendo Switch Gadget where you can mix and create your own music.  Included are 16 unique synthesizer and drum machine gadgets with a variety of options.  Controls work via the Joy-Cons to turn switches and knobs with sensory feedback as you edit as well as using the buttons and sticks.

Multi-player mode offers up to four people to join in to work on a song simultaneously or in a sort of competition mode.  When connecting to a TV screen, you can also put on a live performance, but it works in mobile mode or a table mode as well.  The new offering will be available for download as of April 26th, 2018 and will set you back $48 USD.  Time to get your Boom Tap on.


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