NEWS: Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition is Live!

NEWS: Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition is Live!

Give me the demos!

Steam Game Festival is back and brings along more demos to play and upcoming games to discover. This will end on October 13th so check it out while you still can, watch some livestreams, and download some demos while you still can. Some have stayed up after previous game fests, but others will. Like Garden Story’s (autumn) demo will be taken down once this festival ends. If you have the demos already downloaded, you can still play them.

Like previously, I’ll randomly grab a handful of demos from each genre, but I recommend checking out their featured page for more:

  • Ancient Abyss
    A 2D Zelda-like action game that will have you explore mysterious events in a randomly generated maze. You’ll gain more power and items to help you get further into the maze as you progress
  • Fabular: Once Upon A Spacetime
    An action RPG roguelike where you’ll be engaging space-knights in physics-based combat, explore a retro-futuristic universe, and try to save the kingdom from the Void Lords who have stolen the son.
  • Nine Witches: Family Disruption
    Take control of a professor of occult science and his faithful assistant as they’re sent to Norway on a secret mission to unravel the mystery of a mysterious dark moon and save the world from the Okkulte-55.
  • Source of Madness
    A dark roguelite where you play as a new acolyte taking a voyage across the ever-warping and distorting land to find the Tower of Madness and hopefully survive attacks from the ever-changing monsters along the way with the help of magic.
  • Tokoyo: The Tower of Perpetuity
    Trapped in a tower that transforms its structure every 24 hours, you must survive encounters with traps, fiendish monsters, and pass other lost souls that may or may not help you out with their lost relics and last words to make your way to the top.
  • Milo and the Magpies
    A hidden-object game with hand-painted and animated art where Milo the cat will need to find his way back home through various gardens while outsmarting the pesky magpies that won’t stop getting in his way.
  • Say No! More
    After taking up an internship and being bullied by your colleagues and supervisors and used as a yes puppet, you find a self-help tape to motivate you into saying “No!”. With each tape you find, your power of saying no increases.
  • Strobophagia | Rave Horror
    The promise of the ultimate expression of freedom at the Headless Rave Festival has turned on the attendees and if you want to survive, you’ll need to find a way to escape and keep a grip on reality. This will release just in time for Halloween on October 28.
  • The Endless Wyrd
    A dice-based, deckbuilding roguelike adventure where you’ll scavenge the Wyrd and augment your dice to stack the odds in your favor.
  • Undying
    After getting bitten, you must protect your son, teach him valuable skills, and make good memories together before you turn
  • Cats Organized Neatly
    A 2D puzzle game where you organize your feline friends so they fit in the grid. You’ll be able to organize through 80 levels on October 14.
  • Chicken Police
    A buddy cop noir adventure with a complex interrogation system and detective gameplay where a once legendary duo are forced to work together on a weird and wild case.
  • Kine
    A 3D puzzle game where three musicians form a band and struggle to find success on the main stage as you navigate them through each level.
  • October Night Games
    A digital board game where everyone are cultists working for two different sides scouring the town for cursed ingredients and making deals with entities for a reckoning. This will arrive just on time for Halloween on October 28.
  • Shanghai Office Simulator
    A satirical turn-based card strategy game where you’ll try to make it to the top of your career ladder mostly by smashing your way through rivals and stressers.
  • All Hail The Cook-o-tron
    A physics based VR cooking game where you play as a contender in a cooking competition. I hope you have good time management as you’ll need it to please the robot food critic.
  • Mesmer
    A revolution sim where you’ll unite the residents of Mesmer, spark a revolution, bring the five factions into your favor, and storm the castle. This is set to release October 16.
  • Mind Scanners
    A retro-futuristic management game where you work to diagnose the citizens of a metropolis and use arcade-style treatment devices to help them. Your patient list is long and I’m sure you’ll want to see your daughter sooner rather than later.
  • Nuts
    A surveillance mystery set in a remote forest where you’ll place your cameras during the day and watch the footage at night to track the squirrels and discover why they’re acting so strangely.
  • Syntherapy
    A VN adventure where you play as a psychotherapist creating an experimental therapy AI. This aims to explore topics related to mental health and the ethics surrounding advanced AI.
  • Coffee Noir – Business Detective Game
    A combination of business management and a detective novel where players will go undercover as a coffee business man to solve a criminal case. However, you must manage to be successful if you want to solve the case.
  • Dreadstar: The Quest for Revenge
    Retro-inspired top-down shooter where you’ll avenge your father with the help of ship customizations and loadouts that will help you defeat the various enemies in your way. This will release on October 20.
  • The Stormancer
    Play as a knight, huntress, or a mage, master their abilities, and gear up to fight against hordes of enemies to prove your value to the realm by making your way to the Slormancer.
  • Stirring Abyss
    Take charge of the USS Salem in this tactical squad-based game as you slowly unravel the mysteries of the depths to rescue your missing crewmates. You’ll be able to pick this up on October 29.
  • Sword of the Necromancer
    Coming this December, you’ll be able to help Tama resurrect the priestess Koko. To do so, you must wield a sword that, upon death, will turn your enemies into allies. Hopefully, you’ll be able to defeat enough guardians to bring Koko back before you perish.
  • Bonfire Peaks
    A voxel art puzzler where you’ll aim to set your belongings on fire
  • Carto
    An adventure game with a world-altering puzzle mechanic where you can alter map pieces around to manipulate the world around her on her quest to reunite with her Granny. This will be released on October 27.
  • Down in Bermuda
    After an unnatural storm leaves an adventurous aviator stranded, you’ll help him escape by cracking codes and solving puzzles.
  • Fire Tonight
    A narrative puzzle game set in 1990 that follows Maya and Devin as they reminisces about their past together and try to find each other before their city is engulfed by flames.
  • Night Reverie
    A puzzle adventure where a child finds himself solving a mystery behind the distortion of his house and traveling through dream-like environments.
  • Airhead
    Explore a metroidvania-style world and overcome challenging environmental puzzles in an attempt to save a head-like organism fill of air that is slowly deflating as time passes.
  • Spooky Chase
    A game where every movement you make is recorded and replicated by monsters to make your flag gathering harder.
  • Webbed
    Play as a spider swinging through trees, spinning webs, and make friends with other bugs on your journey to save your boyfriend from a bowerbird.
  • Conscript
    Play as a lone French soldier during WW1 trying to navigate twisting trenches, scavenge for supplies, solve complex puzzles, and fight for your survival.
  • Critters For Sale
    Go through five short stories as you experience surreal events influenced by Middle Eastern and North African folktales through different eras and locations.
    Play as a young priest struggling against possessed cultists and demons, perform exorcisms, and cleanse haunted objects you come across while exploring haunted and abandoned areas.
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