Free/Special Discounted Games on Steam, Itchio, and GOG!

Free/Special Discounted Games on Steam, Itchio, and GOG!

Sending my love to all developers 💜💜💜

As we all stay home and practice social distancing, some developers have decided to help in the form of discounting their game(s) or giving them out for free for a limited time.

On, a Games to Help You Stay Inside curated page has been set up to gather all the developers that put a special discount (up to 100%) on their game. All the games seem to have different end dates for how long these discounts will stay up. You can also view them on their on sale tag if you’d like to sort the games.

GOG has put together 27 games to create the Stay at Home collection as well as a giveaway for Mable and the Wood that’s lasting till the 23rd.

On Steam, Deiland (March 24), Drawful 2 (April 11), Goat of Duty (March 31), Headsnatchers (March 22), Lara Croft and the Temple of Osirius (March 24), Pleasure Puzzle:Portrait (March 26), and Tomb Raider (March 24) are free while supplies last. If you pick up any of these during the free period, you won’t be able to get any Steam Trading Card drops.


Don’t forget to check out the demos available during The Steam Festival: Spring Edition! Once it’s March 23 (10am PDT) the demos will be unavailable. A couple more games have been added since the 18th as well! I have a full list of the available demos here.

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