NEWS: The Steam Game Festival: Spring Edition is Live!

NEWS: The Steam Game Festival: Spring Edition is Live!

Come and play some demos!

After the GDC (or Game Developers Conference) was postponed back in late February, Valve has stepped up to help indie developers get the word out about their upcoming games with The Steam Game Festival: Spring Edition. From March 18th to March 23rd, 50+ games will have demos for you to download as well as spotlighting some other upcoming games (which sadly won’t have a demo available).

These are all the games with demos available:

  • A Space for the Unbound
    Slice of life adventure that follows two high school sweethearts on their journey of self discovery.
  • Aeolis Tournament
    A chaotic, physics-based party action game based on a simple one-button mechanic that controls your air cannon. Set to release sometime in May.
  • Backworlds
    Multi-dimensional puzzle platformer where you solve puzzles by painting. Available now.
  • BatBarian: Testament of the Primordials
    An action adventure puzzler where you explore the shadowy depths of a cave filled with eldritch mysteries.
  • Carrion
    A reverse horror game where you control the unknown creature set out to stalk and consume those that imprisoned you.
  • Chicory
    A colorful puzzle adventure where you play as a dog with a magic brush.
  • Coffee Talk
    Brew up some coffee and chill out in this visual novel that’s available now.
  • Curious Expedition 2
    Join the Explorer Clubs as they struggle for fame and glory in this roguelike adventure.
  • Divisadero
    Seek redemption as a disgraced police detective in this dystopian detective game said to release on August 3rd.
  • Duster
    A Wild West roguelite survival adventure where you try to survive on your journey west.
  • Elden: Path of the Forgotten
    Try to save Elden’s mother from ancient horrors in this action adventure.
  • Eldest Souls
    Embark on a quest to slay the Gods to restore balance in this challenging boss-rush game.
  • EleMetals: Death Metal Death Match!
    Chaotic, fast-paced arcade action game where you play as a metalhead. Set to release in April.
  • Embr
    A frantic firefighting simulator game set in a hyper-capitalist reality.
  • Evan’s Remains
    Side-scrolling puzzle platformer set to release on June 11th.
  • Filament
    Solve some challenging puzzles and uncover what happened to the crew of an abandoned spaceship. Will release on April 23rd.
  • Garden Story
    A social simulator/adventure RPG where you play as a newly appointed village guardian.
  • Going Under
    Satirical dungeon crawler where you explore the cursed ruins of tech startups.
  • Haven
    A romantic co-op RPG adventure that puts you in a lost planet for you to explore.
  • Hazel Sky
    Play as a young engineer setting out to complete the trials in this heartfelt adventure.
  • Heavenly Bodies
    A multiplayer physics-focused game where you play as an astronaut in space.
  • Hundred Days – Winemaking Simulator
    Take control of your very own Winery as you try to produce the best wine possible.
  • HyperParasite
    A roguelite twin-stick shooter/brawler where you play as body snatching aliens. Available now.
  • Jack Axe
    Join Jack and her sisters in this 2D platforming adventure in a world based on Filipino and Norse mythology.
  • Jay and Silent Bob Mall Brawl
    Pummel your enemies in this 8-bit side-scrolling beat ‘em up.
  • Klang 2
    A psychedelic rhythm-action game that’s pursuing full music immersion through hish-speed combat.
  • KungFu Kickball
    A completive, team based sports game that mixes kung fu action moves with soccer.
  • Later Daters
    Even seniors in retirement homes need to date! This visual novel is set to release on April 16th.
  • Liberated
    Uncover a noir, cyberpunk tale in this dystopian action adventure.
  • Lord Winklebottom Investigates
    A point and click adventure where you play as a giraffe detective during the 1920s.
  • Mighty Fight Federation
    A multiplayer arena fighter that focuses on fighting game fundamentals. Available now.
  • Moncage
    An adventure puzzle game where you explore a world trapped inside a cube.
  • Mystic Pillars
    Play as a traveler trying to save the Kingdom of Zampi in this story-based puzzle game. Available now.
  • Neon Noodles – Cyberpunk Kitchen Automation
    Take control of a futuristic kitchen in a cyberpunk world in this difficult programming simulator. Leaving EA on June 9th.
  • Neverinth
    Explore everchanging halls and uncover the history of the Valkyrie in this action RPG. Set to release on April 30th.
  • Operencia: The Stolen Sun
    Guide a team through a world based on Central European mythology in this turn-based dungeon crawler. Set to release on March 31st.
  • Pushy Pully in Blockland
    An endearing co-op arcade game where you try to get back to your spaceship. Slated to release sometime in May
  • Quench
    A story-driven puzzle game where you try to help an elephant convince other animals to join her. Available now.
  • Raji: An Ancient Epic
    Play as a young girl chosen by the gods to stand against a demonic invasion in this action adventure.
  • Recompile
    Take control of a semi-sapient program trying to escape deletion in this metroidvania-inspired hacking adventure.
  • Resolutiion
    Escort a curious AI through a fractured future in this top-down action adventure.
  • Retrograde Arena
    A twin stick multiplayer brawler where only the environment can kill.
  • Rising Hell
    A vertical roguelite action platformer where you fight your way through hordes of demons to escape hell. Available now.
  • Roki
    Join Tove on her journey to save her family in an adventure game inspired by Scandinavian folklore.
  • She Dreams Elsewhere
    A surreal adventure RPG where you play as a comatose woman delving into her dreams to confront her nightmares.
  • Solasta: Crown of the Magister
    Take control of four heroes with unique skills in this turn-based tactical RPG based on the DnD SRD 5.1 Ruleset.
  • Sons of Ra
    A tower defense game where you take control of a Pharoh fighting for the title of Ruler in Egypt. Set to release sometime in July.
  • Spiritfarer
    Play as a ferrymaster in this cozy management game about dying.
  • Superliminal
    A mind-bending first-person puzzler where you solve puzzles by exploiting depth and perspective. Said to release in Novemeber.
  • Tunche
    A hand-drawn adventure that blends beat ‘em up brawler gameplay with roguelike elements.
  • Vigil: The Longest Night
    Uncover the truth behind the eternal darkness in this side-scrolling Souls-like.
  • We Are The Caretakers
    An afrofuturistic sci-gi squad management RPG where you defend the endangered wildlife you rely on.
  • We Should Talk
    A short-form narrative game that makes you choose the words you say.
  • Welcome to Elk
    A biographical adventure set on an island filled with characters with a story to tell (based on true stories).
  • When The Past Was Around
    An adventure point-and-click puzzle game about love, moving on, letting, go, and everything in between.

I suggest downloading these demos as soon as you can as all of them are time exclusive. If you forget to download the demos of games you’re interested in before March 23rd (10am PDT), you’ll be out of luck.

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