GIVEAWAY: Dreadlands


GIVEAWAY: Dreadlands

Come and get your Dreadlands Beta key, valid until Dec 31st.

Upcoming: Steam
Type: Single-player, Online MP
Genre: Turn-based Strategy
Developer: Blackfox Studios
Publisher: Fatshark
Release date: TBA

There isn’t even a trailer video for this yet, but you can play it and see for yourself! Join our Discord and ask JimDeadlock for your key!

About JimDeadlock

My main focus is puzzlers or anything with puzzle elements in it. I also like forward-planning strategy and discovery/adventure. Games that engage your brain without too much urgency. || I'm a rabid Linux user and try to avoid Win-only games but I'll suffer it if the game is worthwhile. || I don't go for multiplayer games in general, and you couldn't make me play FPS if you tied me to a chair and held a blowtorch to my toes. || Steam Profile

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