Archive: October 2018

REVIEW: Firewatch

Firewatch tells an interesting story in a unique setting, brought to life with fantastic voice acting. It’s a couple of years old now, but still well worth a look.

REVIEW: Tiny Hands Adventure

Can our brave young dinosaur boy fulfill his dream of becoming a soccer goalkeeper? Enlisting the help of a fairy, he wishes for bigger hands in exchange of completing challenges for the fairy.

PREVIEW: Fort Triumph

Push trees onto goblins, use a stunned troll as cover while you kill its friends, set spiders on fire and watch them burn down a forest, and laugh at lots of silly jokes!

REVIEW: Prodigy Tactics

Are you on the lookout for a tactical combat game complete with an array of interesting, highly detailed and unique heroes to go into battle with? If you love conflicts where the outcome depends on your battle strategies, you will definitely wish to

REVIEW: Witch Hunt

Witch Hunt, where you can channel your inner Van Helsing, hunt down the monsters terrorizing a small village, and uncover something much more sinister.



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