Archive: October 2018

REVIEW: Polygod

Step into the shoes of the faceless and try your strength at the seven trials of the polygod’s deities. Randomly generated mazes and brutal difficulty curve is the only thing that’s promised to be certain.

REVIEW: Azure Reflections

Looking for some bullet hell craziness? Perhaps you need a change of pace from action-adventure games and RPG’s with a bit of twitch reflex arcade action? Well then, Azure Reflections might be a good game to start with on the Switch.


A very promising game that takes many pre-existing concepts in the roguelite genre, and puts it’s own unique spin on them to produce something truly different.

REVIEW: Megaquarium

Hey! Have you ever wanted to run your very own Aquarium? Do you think you know your Parrotfish from your Neon Tetra? I might just have the ideal game for you. Read on…


Big Day is an isometric shooter with a focus on loot where you play as Pancho, just another random guy caught in the middle of yet another zombie outbreak whose only goal is to be reunited with his daughter.

REVIEW: Kingdom Rush Origins

The most addicting tower defence game returns in an all-new prequel adventure – welcome to Kingdom Rush Origins! Fans of the series can now play the game in glorious high definition. But how’s the PC port you ask? Read on..

REVIEW: Juliäntli

Juliäntli is a small rhythm game about clicking on ducks while listening to duck techno. Are you ready for tons of quacking? QUACK!!



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