Archive: July 2017

PREVIEW: Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis is an MMO set in a medieval era of war. Choose your side and join the world-shaping warfare of Gloria Victis, where actions matter in a persistent world.

PREVIEW: Space Tyrant

This is a 4X-Lite game with card-based powerups and blistering real-time fleet battles which last only a matter of seconds, with fighters, laser beams and explosions galore!


Clearly inspired by the almighty Quake, but as an FPS-Creator product, there isn’t much of anything good here.

REVIEW: Rogue Wizards

Rogue Wizards is a new turn-based isometric rogue-like dungeon crawler for PC and mobile. It has a good name, which is more than can be said for some of its characters.

REVIEW: Ticket to Earth

A nasty early game trudge almost buries what is a unique and interesting RPG that will see you puzzle out battles in one of the more unique approaches that I’ve come across.



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