Archive: August 2017

REVIEW: Darkwood

 “If you go down in the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise” Takes on a whole new meaning by entering the Darkwoods. Are you up the challenge?

REVIEW: Vostok Inc.

While the vast majority of clicker games, games that have an idle element as the core foundation of the gameplay, tend to provide some sort of progression as an incentive to keep the player hooked, Vostok Inc. tries to add more to the genre.

PREVIEW: Wayward

Make your marooned Island fantasy a reality in this virtual Bear Grylls simulator. Wayward transports you to a pristine island paradise, where all is not what is seems..

REVIEW: Sonic Mania – PS4

Sonic Mania is more than a revamp or continuation of the 16-bit games of the franchise.  It’s a labor of love to the Sonic of old and it plays so fast and is so enthralling, it may be the biggest fan favorite for years to come.

REVIEW: YamaYama

YamaYama is a Mario Party mini-game transformed into an entire game with a weird art style.

REVIEW: Elite Dangerous: Horizons

Elite Dangerous is complex and enjoyable, something truly impressive for any space fan. The craftsmanship is incredible and comparable to the quality of GOTYs, simulating space fares accurately while keeping it fun for a long period.



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